Friday, May 27, 2005

Warp films will release the West Memphis Three films, PARADISE LOST and REVELATIONS in the UK on June 20th. A short theatre release will coincide with the release.
Hey kids, this was the last Friday that I'll savour that feeling of driving away from the "day centre" into the light. From Monday, I join the ranks of those cursed with "normal hours". 8.30am til 4.30pm and all the extra traffic and headaches that "normal" brings. I'll be on the loose when regular folks are going about their business. On that same treadmill. Not sitting at home with a mars bar and a cup of coffee, blogging or listening to music. I'll also not be sharing transport to and from Hades. This is an environmental bitch that'll hitch up my running costs, not to mention increase emissions (in more ways than six). These are "the needs of the business". All good things as they say, get booted into touch by people who oughtta leave something that ain't broke, the fuck alone. These things are sent to try us, to accelerate the wearing down process. I'm lucky to have a job after all. I should be grateful. But anyway, I am where I am, you readin' where I'm comin' from loud and clear? At this point I'm not sure what there is to impart anymore. The urge to knock it all on the napper is becoming difficult to control but I'm keeping the old noggin down hoping it'll pass. Hoping that it's just a phase. Trying to figure out what the heck I'm playing at.

I have no answers right now so I'm gonna check out THUNDERBABIES, a power trio from Smarje-Sap, Slovenia. I'll be back to you on that subject shortly...