Sunday, May 22, 2005

Only halfway in Tosches' latest tome, but I just can't wait to tell you that this is yet another amazing book. Can this man ever do wrong? Not since my late-teens when I devoured the works of Celine have I been this infatuated by a writer. The language, the obvious insane amount of research involved, the hair-raising tales, plots beyond belief but steeped in reality. Heck, I've reached the point where I actually wanna read his (in-need-of-funds) Hall & Oates bio. Anybody got a copy for sale or trade?
Readers in the UK might want to note that the fantastic AMERICAN MOVIE is on BBC2 tonight at midnight. If you haven't seen it then set your VCR, your new-fangled DVD recorder or just stay up because it's a must-see.

Now ain't this something? Info got from here. I feel a pilgrimage coming on... Looks like a probable venue for the NBT Annual General Meeting, right Jeroen?
The half full/half empty debate rolls on. It seems that I can't go out and tidy up the garden any this morning because it's pissing down with rain. Too bad... Anyway, it wouldn't have been much of an exercise anyway because Edinburgh beckons. I think I'll have a look for for a 7" by a band called El Presidente that I heard on Tom Morton's show the other day. Apparently they come from Glasgow but they have a Rick Derringer Glam retro thing going on. They sound like they mean it.

Do you watch Eurovision? I liked Norway's "song", Wig Wam (not to be confused with Wig Wam Bamz) crossed Def Leppard with TRBNGR and a little sprinkling of Darkness, contrived? Maybe but not irritating, they were also old enough to know better so that made it even more entertaining. I mean it wasn't "good" but y'ken... I also, er "appreciated" Moldova's mix of The Offspring meets The Chili Peppers, ZDOB [shi] ZDUB - snappy eh? Their latest album is called "450 Sheep" and they've opened shows for both Rage Against The Machine and Boney M amongst others. I thought Moldova was a fictional European town from Dynasty or whatever show (That was Moldavia as it turns out). This years compy was educational because it made us look up a map as to where all these competing countries are. I was very disappointed to find that neither CZD or Crazed Farmers were representing Slovenia though. Or that The Bambi's "Bikini Machines" wasn't doin' it for Croatia. A guy can dream can't he?