Saturday, May 21, 2005

Joachim Gaertner - They Could Have Been Bigger Than EMI (PPFNP).
Oh yeah, just gimme big fat books with nothing but records listed by label. Over 2000 independent record labels from 1976 onwards. New Wave, Punk, Garage, Avantgarde... Highly recommended, but I sure hope that Mister Gaertner will include the information below in the second edition.

THE NEXT BIG THING (Grangemouth, Scotland)

NBT 3301 The Skeletons - Rockin' Bones
NBT 3302 The Skeletons - In The Flesh
NBT 3303 Girl Trouble - Hit It Or Quit It

NBT 4501 Thee Roman Gods - Panic/San Fransisco Girls
NBT 4502 The Screaming Dizbusters - The Next Big Thing/He's Waitin'
NBT 4525 Angel Corpus Christi - (Lil') Surfer Girl/Pull Girl
NBT 4526 Mono Men - Waste O' Time
NBT 4527 The Dictators - The Next Big Thing/ The Nomads - 16 Forever/ Magic Dirt - Kick Out The Jams/ Angel Corpus Christi - Sleeping With The TV On (2 x 7”)

ORGIE (Zeist, Netherlands)

15 God – Nr. 2 flexi 7” (1981)
70001 Avengers – Escape In Time EP 7” (1986)
70002 Avengers – Box Of Tricks EP 7” (1987)
70003 Avengers – All I Ever Wanted 7” (1987)
70004 Various – untitled EP 7” (1988)

Don't let the The Willowz inverted indie exterior fool you. Within this unit beats the heart of a rock monolith straining to break out as far and as wide as it can. Their melding of aprés Pixies noise with a Redd Kross pop sensibility could be just the right chemical imbalance to take 'em over the top. It seems they've managed to infiltrate a good deal of the places that would give them pole position. Putting out this "Talkincircles" set on Sympathy indicates a suss of their situation. Taking time to take stock of their next move in terms of world domination. Their sound harbours a determination which suggests that their idea of success is a broader canvas than just having a couple of flash in the pan hits.

"Blind Story" is a strange quasi-folk tale and it sits well beside the thrashlike "We Live On Your Street" which features Keith Morris of The Circle Jerks. I don't think that anybody is gonna put the wind up these Willowz, they could be very big indeed - whatever that means these days. They have many more strings to their bow than something like The Str*kes. That's fer damn sure...
Mr Martin Percival just sent me a message about the Time Out list that reports The Clash at The Rainbow in 1977 as the best London gig ever. My arse.

Anytime I saw The Clash (I think 3 times) they weren't that good. Now, I've no doubt that Joe Strummer was a great guy, I never met him but know many who did and who hold him in high regard. I'm not so sure about the others but in my experience, this is a band overrated to the point of being The Beatles. I like some of the records but consider none of them to be anything approaching a masterpiece. Most especially "London Calling". I've seen concert footage that is well cut and that would convey (to moi) some kind of special intensity but consider that to be a trick of the editing.

Anyways, these lists are sent to send me into a tizzy I'm sure. It's time I got to working on my definitive list of the greatest stuff that ever was. Or is it?
Did I tell you that GULCHER releases are now available in Europe at damn reasonable prices courtesy of Volcanic Tongue? If not then shame on me. But anyways, this means that you can score a top item like CHINABOISE "The Greatest Story Ever Told" in double quick time. This service is run by folks that know you need your fix fast. They don't lollygad.

"TGSET" consists of compositions that were sired well before their time. To have heard these tunes back then would have blown too many minds. The genius of Rich Stim is something that the common five eighth may never fully comprehend. He operates in a universe beyond conventional cool. "Self-Concious Pisser" is like Eno-period Roxy Music deconstructing Nelson Riddle. Two of these songs ("Girl You Got It" and the itle track) would surface many years later as part of the Poetraphonics portfolio. Gulcher's attention to getting this stuff out there is way appreciated. Now they need to look at getting Playette and Jr Grenadier made available. Chinaboise are far out right here in 2005, these recordings sound like they came from outer space but were actually made by superior beings way back in 1975. Stick that in your post-punk tattie sack and smoke it.

Licorice Tree continues their reign of supplying prime rock'n'roll by releasing this full-length by "Texan Power Soul" combo, The Bloody Tears. Like Jake and Elwood Blues given a transfusion of Fleshtone blood, a live show must be a pretty life-affirming experience but "Downhanded" lays out their stall to pretty grand effect.

The BT's solid, frug-off repertoire has a tight, rough undercarriage and Jim Diamond has come up with a great live sound to make it sparkle. This brightness will have you relishing the familiarity of the material even although you never heard most of these songs before. They feel like old friends you want to get re-acquainted with. Nothing new but sometimes, like in this case, that pays dividends. "Glad You're Gone" reminds me of the first time I saw Eddie and The Hot Rods. A band that was more punk rock than many of the bandwagoneers that would follow the trail they blazed. But anyway, these guys will have you greetin' with pure ferkin' joy. Their "Snook's Thing" is Buck's Boogie for the 21st Centu-bleedin'-ry. Pure unabashed fun with no airs and graces, just the chops - cut the way I like 'em.
Was just reading the latest copy of ARTHUR. It's a great mag, probably one of the best around right now in terms of yer actual print. A lot of the music therein doesn't thrill me but it's a quality read alright. Their off music commentary is particularly likely to kick start the old grey matter. It feels like you can believe what you read there. A far cry from the outrage of Saddam in his Y's (You can photoshop anything these days - right?) or Kylie's brush with breast cancer. One would think that she could be given a bit of privacy under such circumstances but no, the media rolled out the full living obit carpet.

The BBC news this morning reported on George Galloway's schlep to Washington to "do battle" with his accusers. It said he gave them his best "Barrowland's stare" before launching into his Chewing The Fat goes to Penn Av. spiel. If he wasn't such an odious wee bauchle it might have been funny. Reality TV eating itself indeed.

The perspective of the day to day is getting ever more skewed and remember, a mobile phone that only makes calls and lets you text is still a mobile phone. Don't be snowed, these things are not toys and should only be used in an emergency such as to enquire why the person you were supposed to meet at a certain time hasn't bleedin' turned up. Having said that I still prefer to use a callbox when I can find one. Think of all the revenue these things are eating up with inane dribblings, surely such funds could be better diverted to other areas? You don't NEED to be instantly available all the time surely?? Cut yourself some slack, go underground, mobile phones are like cigarettes... they're bad for you and they're bad for me. Not because they might fry your, er, brain but I might have to hear some of your pish as I walk past you or sit next to you in a train. Me no likee that.
PANTHER BURNS are in Newcastle tonight folks. If you have the "clifford t" (wherewithall), go and see them!
Staying with that part of the world, that fine Australian combo, THE SPAZZYS are headed for these venues...

Saturday 21st May
Desmond's Tavern New York, USA

Monday 23rd May
Piano's (8:00pm) New York, USA w/ Lame Drivers + Stiff Kittens

Tuesday 24th May
CBGB (7:00pm) New York, USA
w/ Dylan Nirvana & Myrrh + Arthur Kill + Hey Tiger

Thursday 26th May
Bull & Gate (time tbc) London (Kentishtown), UK
w/ The Mau Maus + Eye + Angels Fight The City

Friday 27th May
Barfly (8:15pm) London (Camden), UK
w/ Vincent Vincent & The Villains + Rubicks

Saturday 28th May
Club Backstage Maastricht, Netherlands w/ Saturdaynight Beavers + Centerfolds

Sunday 29th May
TBA Venlo, Netherlands - Afternoon show (roughly 2pm)

Sunday 29th May
Waterfront Cafe Rotterdam, Netherlands - Evening show