Friday, May 20, 2005

Without a word of warning a new D4 album seems to have escaped into an unsuspecting world. I obviously need it, but could also do with further info on possible European and/or vinyl release of this. Anybody in the know?
I spend most of my existence wishing my life away these days. The countdown from Monday to Friday is palpable and this week, a further blow was struck. The relief that was driving home at lunchtime on a Friday will be no more at the end of this month. "The needs of the business" dictate that the old dark ages hours will swing back into play just to escalate the old "wearing-down" process. This backward step has made me take stock of the situation. I'm not ambitious in the biblical sense, I like to peedle along and maintain a modicum of comfort. We're pretty cheap to run out here but I gotta say that this is bugging me more than it oughtta. My contempt for the galoots that came up with this one is somewhat atomic but there's more than 18 ways to skin a galoot.

Anyways, there are good things out there and if you haven't been to Amy Rigby's site to check out her Joey song yet then I urge you to cut along. It'll give you the shivers in the best meaning of the word and is guaranteed to brighten your day. If it doesn't then there's something wrong with you.

So more over the course of this impending weekend...