Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Hello dear, here's the link to the first Garage Guide realized in Italy. Over 150 artists from 4 decades.... plus exclusive interview with Electric Prunes, Remains, Dave Allan etc. (Will be out at the end of April) We'll appreciate if you can put the link on your web site people can buy the book"
From Mr Keenan....

"Wanted to let you know that me and Heather (Taurpis Tula) are playing with Jandek (!), Keiji Haino and My Cat Is An Alien at the CCA in Glasgow on Monday May 23rd, tix on sale from CCA box office now. Nuts. Also, we have the Jandek CD from the Glasgow show on sale at Volcanic Tongue - on-line exclusive from the man himself, available elsewhere soon I guess."