Monday, May 02, 2005

Turbonegro - Party Animals (Burning Heart CD).
Generally ol' Lindsay 'n me agree on most things, but when it comes to Turbonegro, well... Not that I wanna make a statement here in their favor, hardly so. 'cause it's been awhile since these Norwegians put out something truly worthwhile (just like the Hellacopters lost their magic spell when Dregen left the band, Trbngr lost theirs when they split after releasing their magnum opus (Apocalypse Dudes)). But there's really no denying that these guys can (still) write an actual tune. Lyrically it's an entirely different matter tho'. For those of us who don't have English as first language and can listen to this without noticin' the lyrics, this is prime stuff. But, yeah, when actually takin' in da wurds, I can see Lindsay's point about them being on a (puerile - LH) level that only dimbulbs could enjoy. That said, Party Animals is still a disappointment, even for me. If only for the fact that it's so goddamn nice and predictable.

Being the kind of person that drools over label-discographies, I nearly lost it when I clocked this baby. Maybe it is time for that second mortage on HQ...

Next up from Norton Records: "Johnny Clark & the Four Playboys - Jungle Stomp/I Need A Woman. Wild Northwest rock n' roll! This twin spin follows up our previous set of Spokane senders, Daryl Britts Lover Lover (45-113) with an insane 1963 ape call instrumental and an unissued 1957 slap bass rocker with a strong Buddy Holly Decca-era feel! Jimmy Lee Fautheree - I Want The Cake (And Not The Crumbs)/You're Not Play Love. Final recordings by the late Texas honky tonk legend, backed by Deke Dickersons Ecco-Fonics -sounds like a Warren Smith Sun label 45! Comes in trend setting brown die cut sleeve! A winner! Various - Party Date. This wild, wild party roars with four frantic 1958 Dallas rockers - two not originally issued! Gene Rambo & the Flames - My Little Mama/Carl Canida & the Flames - Party Date/Vince Murphy & the Catalinas - Speechless/Scotty McKay - Bad Times. Ron Haydock & the Boppers - 99 Chicks (LP). Wild Norton kingpins NOW ON VINYL LP! Chicago's answer to Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps! Insane 1950's rockers and Ray Dennis Steckler soundtrack numbers plus rare demos, all culled from original master tapes! A MUST FOR EVERY ROCK N' ROLL FAN! Various - Kicksville Vol.3 (LP/CD) Third set in Nortons popular KICKSVILLE series of raw unissued rockabilly acetates! This installment comes on like gangbusters with never before heard demos from rockin icons Benny Joy and Danny Dell, Florida mauler Ray Pate (with 12 year old bro Donnies stunning guitar work!), Volume Two favorite Eddie McCall and other deadly rhythm kings! Dig a special two-fisted bonus as you feast your ears on first ever demo recordings by future surf legend Gary Usher and hit maker Ral Donner! Various - Shake It Up And Move (LP). 20 Primitive 1956-57 Texas rockabilly demos by Elroy Dietzel, Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Fallin and others! This is the vinyl version of Ace Records' phenomenal GENE VINCENT CUT OUR SONGS CD - sensational stuff! . Various - Wildcat Jamboree (CD). Live late 50s broadcasts from Corinth, Mississippis DIXIELAND Jamboree radio program! LLOYD ARNOLD, CURTIS HOBOCK, BILLY WAYNE, LEON BASS, BOBBY WOOD, WAYNE and BOBBY PRATT and more! Includes liner notes by Jamboree bandleader Hayden Thompson, interview with Jamboree boss Charles Bolton, additional commentary by the legendary Eddie Bond and many rare photos. All titles previously unissued! * Over 78 minutes

Marty Thau's 2 x 5 album will be issued on cd for the first time by Sanctuary Records on May 10th. The album includes 2 cuts by The Fleshtones (Shadowline & F-F-Fascination) as well as (Brian Setzer's pre-Stray Cats) Bloodless Pharoahs, The Comateens, Student Teachers and The Revelons. This was a kind of old NY meets the emerging post punk NY and actually sounds a little now. Bearing in mind that now ain't exactly then. This historic document was produced by Jimmy Destri for Red Star but came out on Criminal Records in 1980. (Not Criminal Damage as dimwitedly/memory lapsedly reported earlier...)

Los Coyotes are heading for The Dirty Water Club in London, The night before their tag match with Southern Culture in Newcastle...

So yeah, there's some kind of election or something going on this Thursday or something, right? Events of recent times have left me a bit shellshocked to be honest and a direct result of that is not being able to take a trip to London to see The Hacienda Brothers and Dave Alvin and The Guilty Men. These fine artists are at the Borderline on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively and I'd urge you to catch them if you can. They'll improve your mood for as long as you're in their company.

I've been giving a lot of thought to what I could actually do if the balloon of unemployment went up. In many ways I'm unemployable, though I've a wealth of "experience" I've only worked at the one place since I left school. This is considered as retardation by the "go-getters" who've had more jobs than I've had hot dinners (and I've put those away let me tell ya!). Anyways it's time to clock the bigger picture... maybe sometime as a "mature" (that's old, not stinky) student? Certainly getting to grips with some new technology, maybe the night shift stacking shelves in Tesco... Just so long as I can keep things going in the manner we've come to expect. It is a relief not to have to do this right away but any complacency cobwebs have been blown clean away. I'm ready and I'm flexible. Resourceful and not about to roll over and tug the ol' forelock just yet.

So cast your vote tactically this coming Thursday, if you don't make your cross then you can't complain. Our friends overseas will be watching to see what happens in this soap opera that is living in the US of K, circa May 2005. Never mind, Southern Culture On The Skids will be here to save our souls V. soon!
Some random bits now that bear conveyance...

The new album by Robbie Fulks will be out May 17th on Yep Roc. Not a moment too soon...

Mr Lahman reminds me that "I'm sure I don't need to tell you guys but just in case here's a heads up from Rexs' Fools Paradise on WMFU. A 2 hour tribute show to Hasil next Saturday evening (approx 10pm our time) with lots of tracks and lots of mystery guests (whatever that means)".

I think those will include Billy and Miriam, Nick Tosches and others. Should be a belter. WFMU link in the sidebar there and please think about donating some moolah while you listen.

Monorail Music in Glasgow has the JANDEK in GLASGOW cd on sale now. The new release by the man of mystery who actually showed up AND played at The Arches last year. It's out on Corwood, anybody who wants one should gimme a holler and I'll hook you up. And talking about Scottish only availability, those who didn't roll uo for the TFC freebie in yesterday's Scotland On Sunday really missed out on a cracking little ep that underlines the power of this group in the pop firmament. More after I've been to the shop...
Monday already but I don’t have to work today so that’s a plus. Plenty to catch up on and also to procrastinate with. Saturday was the GEOGRAPHIC AT THE TRON happening at The Tron in Glasgow. A yearly event as part of TripTych, Stephen McRobbie and Katrina Mitchell’s services to their outré are beyond mere curation. Unfortunately we got there too late to see the screening of two episodes of the Swedish programme, “This Is Our Music” which featured Mahar Shahal Hash Baz and Juana Molina. These were introduced by the film makers, Andres Lokko and Lisa Milberg.

The Television Personalities are a combo whose appeal always escaped me. They say there would have been no Creation or Postcard labels without Dan Treacy’s Whaam imprint. And that would be a bad thing why? Anyway, I approach Stephen and Katrina’s event with as open a mind as I can. In addition to this, I recalled how ATV blew me away in Kassel last October and prepare myself for a bit of possible hat eating. But no worries, the TVP’s matinee was awful and underprepared. Treacy’s demeanour was rudeness wrapped in some manner of misguided attempt at irony. It didn’t mask the embarrassment and methinks a coupla wheels have come off the wagon of this comeback. When they came on there was some dry ice pumped onstage and DT asked who was responsible for that. Some wag shouted “The Sisters Of Mercy” and that was the only humour evident for the next half hour. I hope that they got it together for the later set and Edinburgh on Sunday. We’d shot the craw by that time.

The DJ action at these events is always stellar. You hear stuff and immediately need to have it. Stephen and Gerry played some amazing stuff. There’s so much out there still to hear and so little time in which to discover it.

Next up in the restaurant setting was Open Field Church, imagine The Polyphonic Spree in civvies comprised on folks from the Glasgow scene with Eduardo and some fellow Brazilians rousing a spirited rabble with his Country’s music. This was the best part of the day and all too short. A wee bit of Jorge Ben of an early Saturday evening is good for what ails ya.

Juana Molina is a lady who was a very famous stand up comedian in Argentina who only really did that so she could eventually make music. I think she played too long but will investigate the records. It’s an atmospheric sample and loop process that builds during the performance. Very accomplished but too much to take in at a first introduction.

Mahar were Mahar. There is nothing like them anywhere else. I’d rather they’d played in the theatre rather than the restaurant but there y’go. The overall effect of this verges on overload. Geographic Music is a broad church and could hardly be described as having instant appeal. This is something you have to work with and it won’t always be easy but there are rewards at the end of this inconsistent (for a Screeching Weasel/Demolition Doll Rods fan) rainbow. The world is a better place for it’s existence and I know that it would have happened irrespective of Creation or Postcard. Imagine no O*sis, go on… you can do it.

On Sunday there, those BMX BANDITS came to Falkirk, we saw 'em and are pleased to say that they followed Tony Christie without incident. With surprisingly good sound, they gave 'til it hurt without any sign of missiles or abuse. The sun actually made a brief appearance during the set too so somebody up there obviously likes them. In that case, isn't it about time he gave them a coupla shots at the hit parade?