Sunday, May 01, 2005

Playlist-time: I've been kinda reluctant in posting any playlists in recent weeks as my tastes have been all over the place, making it difficult to post something, even slightly, coherent. But then again I figured what the f***. So here goes:
Once again I've come under the spell of Lee Perry, Jamaica's maverick producer. I have no idea how many records I have here at HQ carrying his name, but believe you/me, it's number borders on the obsessive. I still clearly remember hearing Bucky Skank on the radio somewhere in the early days of 1980, and the sigh of relief from the girl in the local record store, after I'd listened to The Upsetter Collection several times and finally decided to actually purchase the damn thing, I just couldn't make up my mind about actually liking this weird stuff. Suffice to say it grew on me, and it still holds up as the perfect introduction to Perry's work IMHO. On the other end of the spectrum I was able to pick up a mono copy of Dylan's Blonde On Blonde for just one Euro. My old stereo copy was send off UFO-style outta the window upon hearin' this thing as it was originally intended. Amazing!... Otis Rush's recordings for the Cobra label are among my all-time blues favorites, but if you don't trust me check Bang's take on the disc in Psychotic Reactions. Then there's James Carr, easily my fave soul singer ever! Up there with O.V. Wright. Ace Records has a handful of CDs available that are beyond believe. You wanna talk deep soul? this goes way down. What with temperatures reaching tropical levels already at the start of May, I've also took out the old Creation Rockers series on Trojan, six discs that guided my way into the appreciation of Jamaican music way back when. From upbeat Ska to the coolest Rocksteady and heavyweight dub, these six footlongs never fail to astound. Anybody out there remember the Sorrows? Not talkin' about the UK Take A Heart beatsters, but the US variety of late 70s vintage. Apparently an off-shoot of the Poppees, their first LP on CBS is a long lost powerpop gem. Skinny ties optional. So there it is. Throw in some mid 80s (pre-"gangsta") rap, Big Star and BOC, and you've got a stew brewin' that professional critics would call "eclectic". Me, I'm just lappin' it up. Over 'n out, 'till next time...
LINK: an interview with Legs McNeil on his recent (and essential!) book The Other Hollywood. (c/o Jan Kooi).