Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Goner Records forum threw up some interesting stuff recently (you need to scroll down a bit before things take off.

I'm not sure this bloody blog thing is working properly today. I keep getting a "there were errors" message. Don't I flamin' know it!... However, anyone in the vicinity of this fine night of punk rock action out there in Germany might like to get their tail along to pogo the pain away...
Tomorrow, there's a free Teenage Fanclub cd coming with SOS and I'm happy to pick up copies for NBT readers ouside the UK (or even Scotland) who might be interested. Let me know between now and noon on Sunday and I'll get it sorted for you...

"On Sunday 1st May, "Scotland on Sunday" will be giving away a six song CD of new and previously unreleased material, recorded by us, at various times over the last (gulp!) fourteen years. All you have to do to get your hands on one these babies, is buy the paper. Track one "Slow fade" is taken from our new album "man-made". track two is an alternative version of "I need direction". Track three is a new Gerard song called "Please stay". track four is an alternative version of "The world'll be OK". Track five is a version of "Todd Rundgren's" "I saw the light" recorded for, but not included in the soundtrack of the 1991 movie "Buffy the vampire slayer" (honestly!). Track six is "Same place, Different place" previously available as part of a limited edition "Twisted nerve" 7" single. You also get a voucher which entitles you to a £2.00 discount, if you buy the record at Fopp. There's also an interview inside the magazine section."

Yeah, this hasn’t been the best of weeks. I spent much of it expecting to be “offed” in a wave of redundancies that are taking place in my workplace. I have a number of reasons for expecting to be a casualty a little down the line but for now my bacon is still in employment. I can still fund my habit(s) for now. The bigger picture and ramifications of this remain to be pondered and indeed borne out but it hasn’t been an altogether pleasant experience. Thanks to all for the positive hollers and support, I shall wear it always.

Of course, the mood was not enhanced at the discovery of the great Hasil Adkins having left this mortal coil. Presumably as a result of the hit and run that was reported a short time ago. People often talk about being “one of a kind” but this guy was Prime. The like of which will never be seen again. They simply don’t make them like The Haze anymore.

Anyway, it’s a long weekend so let’s savour it. We’re heading for the TripTych event in Glasgow curated by those fine people at the Geographic imprint. Mahar Shahal Haz Baz are playing and so are the Television Personalities amongst others. It will be an event of great DIY cultural significance bringing together strands from places beyond pigeonhole. Mr Ulf is here from Sweden to worship at the altar of this Special Church and also to scout for Bill Wells records at Monorail Music.

Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday), BMX Bandits will be on a bill with Tony Christie in Falkirk. I have no further information at this point but expect some fireworks.

So that’s yer whack for now. I woke up this morning as usual but had slept in but for once that’s OK. Just so long as that doesn’t become a habit too.