Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NBTers in Italy are advised to look out for a forthcoming guide to Garage Rock by Alessandro Bonini and Emanuele Tamagnini. Featuring 150 artists over four decades of fuzz'n'farfisa merriment.
Here's a message from Jorg who runs ramones.de. He needs our support...

"In a letter dated April 7th 2005, the Warner Music Group Germany told me to give the Internet domain “Ramones.de” to them within 2(!) weeks. Otherwise there will be juridical steps, which will cost me a lot of money... Their explanation is that only they “have the only right to use the name of the band and their pictures...”.

For now I said NO. It’s up to Warner to give a reaction now...

Ramones.de is an uncommercial Fansite, where for example a couple of crazy
german Followers of the Band, who had the luck to meet them in persona many times, write about their... experiences... we did an official Fanzine in 1994, an authorized Fan-Sampler in 1999, and Tribute-Concerts and Festivals to honour them in 1994,1996,1999 and 2004 so far. This german “Ramones-Thing” is even known under the name “Loudmouth!” cause we originally named the Fanzine this way. It all was authorized by the members at that time in 1993 and by Dee Dee Ramone (the originally bass player) in 1994. None of us ever will forget when Johnny said, “if someone should do it, these crazy german followers must do it!”.

In fact, we think, the big Media tycoon WEA is afraid of our Site. But why?

Cause the people who visit us will never buy any Ramones-Stuff... Bullshit! They will... so we should be „good“ for the WEA because of our kinda Promotion for the Band, Promotion by the WEA was missed here especially in Europe over all the Decades the Band were active- that’s only as a Side comment! But now as the Ramones (and that’s a good thing) are having a kinda “Boom” over here, it explains this WEA-Reaction. A very late one indeed... the Site was registered by a fan in 1996, who gave it to us in 2002, not for money, just because to support us. None of us knows what to do now... fighting against the Tycoon? That’s a very expensive thing... and because of the unclear law in germany, no one knows what the result will be.

There is a chance, cause we have this relationship with the band.

And what will be the next step of WEA... forbidding any Website to publish the name
“Ramones” in it... and pics... forbid Cover bands... that’s all BAD WORK AGAINST the Ramones, isn’t it!? And what about any other Band’s Fan sites....."

This isn't on and is somewhat typical in these greed fueled times. As the campaign mounts, we'll keep you posted.