Saturday, April 23, 2005

RIP - Sir John Mills.
It's a pretty nice day out there today. Bright sunshine but still bloody cold, even outta the shade. So what is that drives those "waterbeds on legs" to start exposing flesh as soon as the ol' sun comes out? I wasn't out for long but just as well that I'm not squeamish. And getting the car top down, what's that all about?? Like I said it's not exactly warm so a wee schlepp will blow away the cobwebs alright and maybe induce a wee bout of pneumonia on the side. But hey, whatever floats that collective boat... but the lardys? A bit of decorum is all one asks.

MY blog activity has taken something of a backseat this past week. Too preoccupied with the bigger picture to concentrate. Same with e-mail. The spectre of unemployment is still looming and somewhat colouring day to day operation. I'm a little burned-out and also tired of bitching about it. Nothing remains to be done other than just see how it plays out. Thanks to those who have expressed concern, I appreciate it and promise to can the kvetching unless things get molto unbearable. And even at that, whatever will be. Sometimes shit happens and with it comes the stink. Stay tuned for more rock'n'roll of every shape and size, irrespective of employment status.
VERY EXPENSIVE PORNO MOVIE are a Slovenian combo who recorded this Dick Director Presents racket in Holland and appear to be based there. This noise cell sounds like the Mahavishnu Orchestra falling down some hardcore stone steps with a few MX80 moves thrown in for good measure. Not for everyone but strangely therapeutic.

There have been a few combos called THE BAGS over the years but Boston's contenders for the title have issue their manifesto. Entitled "Sharpen Your Sticks", this three piece apply a Dictator-ial Spinal Tapness to titles like "Bucket of Blood", "Cavemen Rejoice" and "Me Dumb". It pretty much does what it states on the tin and it rocks in spades. I'm a pushover for this kinda stupid, simple formula. It got me where I am today...

One-time Fuzztone Jordan Tarlow has made an album called Tonebender which recalls a small window in time when a heavy fuzz threatened to engulf the world in the eighties. Similar to the roots rock scare... It was a time of hope when it could well have washed all that horrendous fairlight "rock" offa the sidewalk and down the drain that was actually better than it deserved. Anyways, I wandered away there... this is a heady gothic psychedelic pop opera which includes Dave Vanian and Clem (Elvis Ramone) Burke among the gang responsible. It's like The Herd reconvened by somebody like Julian Cope with some neat twists on pretty standard covers like "Steppin' Stone" and "7 and 7 is". Tonebender sounds remarkably fresh for something which is ostensibly so backward looking.

Similarly constructed from familiar sources but arriving at a sound not entirely contrived is Teri Falini. Her "Sun Under Me" is an energised post-Pixies lollup. Much is made in the blurb about the significance of the lyrics which don't really strike me but the overall airwave-friendly result suggests that Ms Falini is perhaps more deserving of some kinda status than many of today's six-week wonders. "S.U.M." sounds like an album by someone that's out to carve out a career in the thing called rock, however long that might take. It's no Magic Dirt opus but anything that reminds me of that fine Australian combo is ok with me. "Bended Knee" is a perfect 2.01 that would make a primo 7" 45.

Got my mitts on the revitalised SCREECHING WEASEL "BoogadaBoogadaBoogada" and "My Brain Hurts" releases on Asian Man Records. These both sound bigger and fung ass with more vigour than ever due to the process known as Mass Giorgini. Critical punk rock action that'll shake you out of, or focus that mood. For those who still don't know, SW took The "Too Tough To Die" Ramones sound and energised it. Their many albums are being reactivated by Mike Park's AM imprint at a steal of a price so get 'em directly from there.

THE BELLRAYS "The Red, White and Black" is a 2cd set on In-Fidelity and it further confounds me. The second disc, "Australiapithicus" contains five songs which I presume aren't available elsewhere? I don't get The Bellrays. Never have. I know Lisa Kekaula has a great voice but it's always shrouded in what I perceive to be a somewhat soulless punk rock batter. I never had the calling to go see them live either but maybe that's what it would take for things to click.
"GREASE MONKEY REMINDERS... Must say we're pretty damn excited here at Monkey Mansions 'bout what's goin'down next week (apologies for repeating a past circular, but hey - our memories ain't what they used to be!). So read on....

Tickets - £7; Doors: 8pm
THE BELLRAYS - maximum rock'n'soul from LA ...check 'em out at
SUNSHINE - nope, me neither - I think they're the tour support - and - THE GREASE MONKEYS

Tickets - £7; Doors: 8pm
THE IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS III - the essential fucked-up blues, all the way from Auburn, Alabama ...HIGH PLANE DRIFTERS - nope, me neither - they ARE the tour support tho' - and - THE GREASE MONKEYS

...please show up early 'cos the Grease Monkeys'll probably be onstage within a half
hour of the doors opening. Also, we gotta show the following week too - bit sketchy on some of the details, but here's what we know so far....

Tickets - £?; Doors: 8.30pm (probably)

SPOOKY - all-girl garage band from Japan (Tony Thewlis was raving about these girls recently having caught them in London)
THE ASS ROKKITS - all-girl rock'n'roll - and - THE GREASE MONKEYS"