Monday, April 18, 2005

Some hot wax for alla you out there to enjoy: The Dutch Masters is the latest venture of Eric Oblivian. Released on his own Goner label, and soundin' somewhere halfway between the better Rip-Off bands and early Crime, this is a real solid debut that has me achin' for a full-length. The Fevers second album Love Always Wins (Alien Snatch) confirms their status as today's powerpop kings, plus they get extra points for tacklin' the Groovies' Let Me Rock. Bomp has just re-issued the Hypstrz' Hypstrization LP, a long lost, well, masterpiece... Even without any original material aboard, this disc just holds everything you'd want from a garage band. Pure, raw rockin' excitement! And even if the choice of material might seem obvious by today's standards, please consider that this was recorded in the spring of 1979 when hardly anyone else was doin' this kinda stuff. What the f*** ever happened to these guys?