Sunday, April 17, 2005

One Night Only... Friday 29 April... The Sunset Tavern, Seattle

Roy Loney And The Longshots , Sgt Major , The Plaintiffs , The Press Corps

Oughtta be quite a night!
Nimereht from the Staysick fraternity received this from Hasil Adkin's Manager, Jim... look away now if cussing distresses you.

"Hasil's ok, you're not gonna believe this though. i'm gonna have to curse on this one, hope you forgive me... some fuckin kid up in west virginia was out fuckin rampaging or i don't know what the fuck kind of bullshit he was fuckin doin. anyway
Hasil was not feeling well, he went outside to feed his puppies and sat down on the top step to his trailer to pet them for a minute. this little fucking shit came around the bushes on his four wheeler fucking full throttle and fucking reared up and fucking hit him on purpose on the steps and fucking rode off. fucked him up good. Hasil flew about 6 feet and hit the ground. took him like 10 minutes to get up and another 5 to crawl into the trailer. then the little fucker went a few miles down and caught someone else walking down a gravel road and swerved over and reared up and hit them! they got the fucker. Hasil says he hopes they only keep him for 5 years and he learns his lesson and can still have a chance. i hope they beat the fucking shit out of him myself. alright, so look...

Hasil's address is Hasil Adkins , p.o. box 668, Madison, WV, 25130.

send him something, ok?"

That's in the ol' fashioned sense. Not an e-mail...