Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pleased to report signs of life from Spangleville... The new STAR SPANGLES album title is "Rite Over Rooftops" and to mark the occasion, Richard Meltzer weighs in with another biographical chapter over in the "History" section of their website. Go get it and visit the "Blue Corner" too.
Not had much time this week due to this and that but feel that its time to ixnay the mumping with regard to the blog. Being trapped in a duff soap opera is dragging the purpose of this thing down. people are supposed to hit this thing up for info, not a commentary documenting a descent into the maelstrom of 21st century existence.

So, on Wednesday there, I caught up with Mr Sid Griffin and his Coal Porters at Brel in Glasgow. They performed two nifty wee sets over the course of the evening and sent a bluegrass frenzy through the lean-to type, conservatory-esque venue. Check out the tour dates and go see them if you can. The new album, How Dark This Earth Will Shine is out now on Prima Records although it doesn't include their porchlike swing through "My Generation" or The Coasters, "Along Came Jones". A damned good night out. Also in attendance was Mr Brian Hogg, a man who should - like Sid, be doing a damn sight better in terms of recognition. Both of these fellas have done more for music on a grand scale than most feted "rock writers". Their passion is as strong, maybe stronger, than it ever was. These people aren't hacks or opportunist scenesters which is probably how they wound up being where they are today. But what they lack in fame (or infamy) they more than make up for in continuing to do what they do. I'm proud to consider them as friends.

My obsession with Nights Of Forgotten Films by The Strange continues to gain momentum. This combo which is The Bambi Molesters plus Chris Eckman from The Walkabouts is just about as understated as it comes. That tremolo will have you tremblin' for sure so do yourself a favour and score a copy. It's like Calexico produced by Angelo Badalamenti only better.

So, chores to attend to now but over the course of the weekend I hope to get deeper into the fine selection of Career Records that Ron sent me from Missoula (Montana) - birthplace of David Lynch and also that Angel (Dean) and Sue (Garner) recipe for Pot Liquor which is available now here in Europe via Trocadero Records. Comin', if not right up, then soon...
Andy Shernoff's "10 canciones para pasear por Nueva York".