Friday, April 15, 2005

The benefit for Wally Tax's funeral (this sunday at the Paradiso in Amsterdam) has a pretty impressive line-up so far. Apparently Wally had only three Euros in his bank-account when he died, so it's obvious the money is needed. Not sure how this 'll work out but there will be a live webcast of the event thru'

Nitwitz - Sex, Lies and Duct Tape (Rocketdog CD).
Six years in the making, these here Nitwitz finally unleash the follow up to 1999's Dark Side Of The Spoon. A lot has happened in the intervening years, but it's good to learn that these "snuiters" are still way ahead of the pack with their amphetamine fueled, riff-driven' powerhouse take on p-rock. And even if this disc lacks some of the sonic impact of their previous effort, this is easily made up for by the fact that songs like Overreactor, Rock & Roll Conquistadores (renamed here as Nitwitz Rule Spain) and especially Rock Pusher are among their best yet. God knows what the future holds for the Nitwitz, (recent pictures of the Slugster seem to hint at an image change in a distinct Free Willy kind o' fashion), but let's hope it won't take 'm another six years to deliver their next disc...

Elizabeth McQueen & the Firebrands - Happy Doing What We're Doing (Me & My Records CD).
Now here's real curio; a Texas bar-band who put out a CD with nothing but Brit pub-rock classics, obviously reclaiming a brand o' style that was rightfully theirs anyway.. Ducks Deluxe, Nick Lowe, the Brinsleys, Feelgoods and Hot Rods all get the work over and end up served as hot chili with greasy enchilada instead of fish 'n chips. No Count Bishops' tunes here, but if you don't mind rockin' tonite, this one's for you...
ROCHESTER, NY - are you receiving we??

"For those of you in Rochester, NY don't forget that The Atomic Swindlers will be Playing two Shows... Bring a guest or two maybe, three maybe, 10, your call:

April 15th - Nazareth College, Pittsford, NY. Show starts at 10:00 pm.

April 16th - Milestones 170 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

The Swindlers will be opening for Glenn Tilbrook, former lead singer for the great British band, Squeeze. This is a don't miss, sure to sell out event. The show starts at 8:00 pm. sharp. Tickets are $15."

Support these former New Math and Jet Black Berrie'd sensations!

Go Mr Nancy! (Thanks to Mrs Stim for the leprachaun shot!)

I can’t for the life of me figure when morale was deeper in the dumper at my place of work than it is right now. One dozen contestants are waiting for the big draw that will curtail this penance and alter their existence forever, quite possibly in a positive direction. T’is 368 days since the move from the original old Indian burial ground to this new one in the shadow of the Ochil hills. The “Factory of Death” is what locals apparently call the site. Mainly because it seems that recent tenants have not enjoyed much in the way of success here. Shit happens to be sure and as the very fabric of the country crumbles, the only trajectory from here is surely up. A wee siesmic shoogle could be on the cards and to be honest I’m a little tired of the ongoing bumpy ride. Clocking the Labour Party broadcast on TV the other night just fermented the old dry boke another couple of notches. Not given to outbursts of requests for religious intervention, seldom has the expression “Lord help us” reverberated around my noggin like a bagatelle. Like a terrible facsimilie of the Prime Minister sketches from the vastly overrated Little Britain show, the debacle spilled like topsy into the nation’s living rooms but what’s the alternative? I’ll be hornswaggled if I know…