Saturday, April 09, 2005

Papal (not to be confused with paypal) funerals, royal weddings and general elections. These are the things currently being dragged through the neighbourhood here in the rapidly failing UK. I know that first one played out further afield but you get the picture. The big news, that a Boonaraaa (Hey Tine!) will be in Edinburgh for a couple of days somehow didn't make the news this morning but that's the important scoop on my telly. Coming at the end of a week with some relative highs, more general lows and the prospect of folks losing their "livelihoods" due to the raging incompetence which appears to be at epedemic levels and running amuck through the country. However, the bigger picture will undoubtedly reveal itself in due course. These are peculiar times and they are a-changin' (yr not wrong Bob) which may be no bad thing. The many US citizens who apologised for their country re-electing Wee George would do well to feast ther attention on the charabang of utter losers that are up for taking us one step closer to some kind of advanced zombification, consigning institutions like the BBC to the dumper along the way. The word on the pavey is that Auntie Beeb is geared up to ditch its record libraries, replacing these with one big George Lucas-like hard drive to serve what's left of the organisation after the bones have been picked clean. Lucky Scotland has its own "Parliament" to shield us from this rank meglomania, er, ain't it?