Sunday, April 03, 2005

So with Ms Allison safely deposited at the airport only to find that there's a three hour delay, I'm back in the bunker. Yesterday turned out pretty good after the bollocks with the glass, etc. The fragments continue to haunt me and I shall make a concerted effort to banish these later. I have a few days off so methinks the Sunday dread will not be making its presence felt today. Instead further inroads into Joe Bonomo's fine Fleshtones tome will be made to the soundtrack of some recent acquisitions. Amy's newly mastered album sounds really amazing and this will hopefully be lighting up the airwaves across the planet by the summer. Things are all pretty positive on that front so that's where I'm at today thus far. Prepare then for a bunch of new ravings on stuff to check out over the next couple of days. Reality will be back soon enough but for now it's in detention.