Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Sack-O'-Woes - The Men With Bogart's Face (Looprekords SACK-O'3).
These here Sack-O'-Woes are one of the very few Dutch p-rock bands not caterin' to either the P.C. crusties, or the fuzzy-dice, flames and tattoos crowd. You know, a genuine punkrock band, kinda like the New Bomb Turks, to whom they ain't too dissimilar soundwise either. Their latest disc is available in both authentic vinyl format and (free!) MP3 download. So dig in and enjoy kiddies...
I still haven’t altogether recovered from the clocks going forward the other night. The reverberations of this encroachment into precious downtime are making me smart. That is in the sense of mild hurting not in the kingdom of the grey matter. But anyways, it’ll be April 1st on Friday, 28 years since NBT #1 hit the streets. If I’d committed some kinda big heist or even mass murder I’d probably be out by now, maybe doing the chat show circuit following a book and movie deal? So instead of armed robbery, I started a fanzine. Suffering for your art can take on many forms and looking at that big picture I was pontificating about the other day, I’m not doing too badly but would like to do better. Could this be ambition? Perhaps I need to try harder? Or just shut the fuck up and get on with it?? Yeah, I thought so. I hear “where you’re comin’ from” (Frank).