Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This Just in...

"Ladeez an' Intensive Care Partie de Bateau est arrivée!!!
You may've heard whispers......'tis true, we're having a boat party in April, and here are the details.

Intensive Care Boat Party Saturday 2nd April 2005, 8pm till 2am.

Leaves from, and returns to, the same location near the Palace of Westminster in Central London. Rest of the time, we're sailin', baby! Ticket price £15 DJ's include:

Declan and Perry (Intensive Care)

PJ (Dirty Water Club)

Joss & Joe (Sonic Reducer)

Playing Live, all the way from Memphis: Jack-O & the Tearjerkers (aka the Tennessee Tearjerkers) This band will blow your nuts off (yours too, ladeez!!). Band leader Jack Yarber used to be in Memphis garage rock legends the Oblivians. They are revered by everyone who likes their rock 'n' roll raw 'n' alive. The Hives decamped to Memphis en masse to see a recent reunion gig, and then hauled them over to Sweden to play in Dr Matt Destruction's bathroom. These guys incite fever in all who encounter their scorchin' trash. Jack now has two bands: the Cool Jerks, in which all four members sing; and his Tennessee Tearjerkers, in which only he sings, and which is more of a classic bar-room country-rock edge....perhaps you're beginning to see an Intensive Care marriage made in Valhalla......Our friend Todd says they're like JSBX with proper songs......yowzayowzayowza!

Now, friends, this is not the usual half-arsed IC arrangement. News of this one-off Tearjerkers appearance has spread like wildfire on the 'Net. People are gathering on messageboards, plotting trips from all over Britain and EUROPE and even AMERICA top come to this. Unlike previous years, you will not be able lazy-ass your way to the weekend of the party and bag a ticket. It will be sold out by then, no word of a lie. So please contact me or Dec to buy a ticket, pronto. Some tickets will be sold thru the Intoxica record shop at 231 Portobello Rd, W11.

If you want to save yourself such hassle. I will be at the Stag-O-Lee club (@ New Evarista in Greek Street) from 9pm tonight, and at Dirty Water on Friday 11th, watching Monsieur Jeffrey Evans. After that, amazingly, I'll be away for ten years. When I get back, I'm pretty sure it'll be all gone, ausverkauft, foryoumyfriendzewarwillbeovaaaaah..........apx"

Contact Intensive Care: Declan 07786 9378055 Perry 07970 924393