Thursday, March 03, 2005

News updates plus a preview of the sleeve for the upcoming Viva Dictators CD at The Official Dictators Website.

RIP: Michael B. Smith AKA Big Mick. (news c/o Joris at
Some wag (for want of a better expression) has been knocking about here changing all the calendars to March. What do you mean it IS March? How can it be?? So that means The Saints are at King Tuts in Glasgow tonight. I figured that was at least two weeks away… Talk about running on empty. I could blame it on the weather and a bunch of other things but where would that get me exactly? No fucking place is right. I’m aghast at the way time is passing. It doesn’t go in quickly when I’m at work in the bloody goldfish bowl but “freedom” goes by in a flash. I guess it’s the same for everybody, right? So I’ll just quit kvetching (for now). Got a lot of info to convey if I could just muster a little corner of that time stuff to put it together. Let’s call it “in due course”.