Sunday, February 27, 2005

So I guess Sunday is playlist day, time to hip you to what's happenin'on HQ's hi-fi, with no other intention than to "share" my current digs with alla you NBT readers. Here goes: Any of you remember Geordie for anything else besides providing AC/DC with a new singer after Bon Scott died?. Well, you should. These guys offered some solid mid 70s glam stomp. Equal parts Slade, T. Rex and Led Zep, I've been really diggin' their Hope You Like It LP lately. All Because Of You is as good as anything by Slade in their prime, and I can't stop spinnin' Don't Do That, a Hooker-ish boogie that's just waitin' to be tackled by a band like the Dirtbombs or anyone else on In The Red. Thanks to both the Boonaraaas and the recent Rousers CD (see below) I've also re-acquainted myself with the Roulettes' Bad Time. Penned by Chris Andrews this is the kinda merseybeat song I was hoping to hear as a youngster when buying Gerry & the Pacemakers 45s. Easily as good as anything the Beatles ever came up with!. It's just great when current bands turn you on to tunes like that. I mean, I love Suzi Quatro and have done so since way back when, but I'm friggin' thankful to the Sirens who recently hipped me to Glycerine Queen of her first album, a song that always took a backseat to hits like 48 Crash and Can The Can, but turns out to be equally worthwhile.
Just yesterday I was readin' some magazine and, almost absentmindedly, threw on a Box-Tops comp and became completely mesmerized by I Pray For Rain, a song so perfect it could have been part of the Left Bank songbook. Sonny Boy Williamson's KIng Biscuit Time (an old Arhoolie LP comp) has been makin' an equal impact on my long fried brains, makin' me wonder why people bother with the Queens Of The Stonage (Sabbath fans so lame/ordinary they wouldn't even merit their own real-life soap) and their ilk. As I'm reading Legs McNeil & Jennifer Osborne's The Other Hollywood at the moment, I've also been spinnin' plenty o' lushly orchestrated disco/soul discs from the 70s as they serve as the perfect soundtrack to this book. Favorites include; The O'Jays Back Stabbers, Three Degrees' Dirty Old Man, Love Unlimited's Walking In The Rain, Isaac Hayes' Ike's Mood and Walk On By.
The Primevals will open for The Saints this coming Thursday (March 3rd) at King Tut's in Glasgow. Look out for a release date for their Last Call imprint retrospective. Coming soon...

Check out THE FLASH EXPRESS... our crew in GROMKA - METELKOVA, ljubljana / SLO can get a taste of what they're capable of tomorrow night. They're blazing a trail throughout Europe but not the UK. On the other hand why would they? This country wouldn't know a good band supposing it fell on top of it. Other combos headed for twhat seems like an Eastern European utopia for live music include Nine Pound Hammer and the now Mr Nancy-less Fabulous Disaster.

It's coming on dvd already and the extras are:

End Of The Century trailer

Deleted scene -- Clem Burke as Elvis Ramone

Joey Ramone radio interview excerpts from FM 106.3

Marky Ramone drum technique

Johnny Ramone interview excerpts

Richie Ramone interview excerpts

Dee Dee Ramone interview excerpts

Joe Strummer interview excerpts

Tommy Ramone in Forest Hills interview excerpts

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein interview excerpts

Neighborhood friend Ritchie Adler interview excerpts

Who Wrote What On The First 3 Albums by Tommy Ramone

Also check out this from Scotland on Sunday...

Thanks to Martin P for the info.