Saturday, February 26, 2005

So, this box has gone through some kinda electronic transfusion and is working again. I'm utterly sickened at the fact that I seem to be so dependent on it but wodjagonnado? Here is some news for LA readers about Fur Dixon revisiting her Hollywood Hillbilly roots... info courtesy of Trashy Ashell from the Staysick board.

From this week's LA Weekly. One time Cramp, Fur is doing a show next week!


Very few modern country songwriters have made as great an impact as Kris Kristofferson, the onetime Columbia recording studio janitor who set Music City afire with a lyrical style that mixed graphic realism and forlorn atmospherics. In the Nashville of the early 1970s, "Sunday Morning Coming Down"’s key lyric ". . . wishing Lord that I was stoned . . ." was equivalent to getting jabbed by a cattle prod. His blunt poetics also kicked open a door through which renegades Billy Joe Shaver and David Allan Coe happily passed and, despite his subsequent descent into a swamp of mediocre movie roles, the Kristofferson impact cannot be denied. Tonight's homage, with the capable likes of Mike Stinson, the hardscrabble charms of folk insurrectionaries - Steve Werner and Fur Dixon, and much more, should provide fitting honor.

Highland Grounds, 742 N. Highland Ave.; Thurs., March 3. (323) 466-1507.