Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Hey Folks

We're impossibly sad to announce that this Saturday's edition of Sonic Reducer (Feb 26) will be the last at The Boogaloo, due to circumstances (waaay) beyond our control.

However, it's gonna be one helluva wild-assed, day-after-the-DKT-MC5/Sun Ra-gig kinda blowout, replete with all of the serious garage, soul, punk, R&B, blues, soundtracks, reggae, reefer jazz, Nederbiet, and gen-u-wine skronk 7"s that you've come to know and lurve over the past year or so ... Joining us from the pulsating heart of Bristol's clubland will be dear friend and beat cosmonaut supreme, Steptoe, who'll be dishing only the finest deep funk and beat groovers ...

We'd like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank y'all for being such a lovely crowd, and it's been a real honour to spin 45s for ya! To those who tapped a foot, or were in danger of knocking over the decks while dancing like a mad fule, we salute ya!

Looking back, it seems amazing that we've had such guest DJs as Michael Davis (MC5), Ben (Cornershop), Tim Rogers (You Am I), Andy Perry (The Telegraph / Intensive Care) and CherryStones (Twisted Nerve), and the capper has gotta be Ray Davies' regular visits ... Who could wish for more?

Of course, we'll continue to dish beats aplenty, and next from the Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJs is:

Mar 2 - 'Sure Trakings Trio' aftershow party

Mar 11 - Bassholes & Monsieur Jeffrey Evans @ The Dirty Water Club

Apr 2 - Top secret blowout!

Apr 28 - The Buccaneer, Memphis, Tennessee

For further details of where we'll turn up next, send an email to ...

But for now, it's sayonara, tattie-bye ... just remember to be good to your peoples, and have a drink for good old HST!

Much love

Joss & Joe xxx

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Dr Hunter S Thompson (1937-2005)

Sonic Reducer- The Final Conflict

The Boogaloo, Arway Road, London N6
Highgate Tube
free before 10pm, £5 after"