Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm pretty sure this computer is taking the piss outta me. Now that might sound like paranoia and even a little obsessive, compulsive but I can't shake the consideration that this bloody box in the corner across from the other one is extracting the ol' urine. Anyway, on a somewhat related note, my favourite TV show at the minute is MONK. It's on BBC2 here on a Saturday afternoon so while everybody else is at the mall, or getting on with their lives. We watch MONK. He's obsessive compulsive to a point beyond the call. It also takes place in San Francisco and there are great locations that just make you wanna be there. It's quite a gentle piece with an inherent sick cool that just doesn't make it to our screens too often these days. You should check it out if it appears on your schedules.

So we're entering our second month of belt tightening around here and I have it on pretty good authority that the Ethernet card in this pc is about to hit the wall. Lotsa connection problems this past week and difficulties with general e-mail too. It's a pain in the ass. Is it too much to expect things just to work? Evidently it is, so bear with the lapses in communication. Yeah, the coffers are at some kinda boracic level. (That's boracic lint = skint) Home maintenance doesn't come cheap and nothing much else does either, hence the kinda self-imposed exile. A little discipline probably ain't a bad thing and this shouldn't be interpreted as complaining. Merely an observation that stings a tad. Posting to the blog has caused a bit of head-scratching this past week also. It seems to hang mid-post but somehow makes it on there. He who hath no patience finds this a tad disconcerting. All of this admin is impeding the dissemination of info but stay tuned.