Sunday, February 06, 2005

Two hours of Billy Miller and Lenny Kaye spinnin' old Fortune 45s on WMFU's Fool's Paradise. Essential listening !. (link c/o Jan Kooi).

Also on In-fidelity, you’ll find these Aussie outfits might hit some kinda spot with that craving for real rockin’ thrills you've been rasslin' with. That country has a fine pedigree of producing acts that can show 95% of UK grown bollocks how it’s done and well, here’s further proof of that claim.

THE SPECIMENS, that’s plural and not to be confused with the Batcave crowd, are a post-Hellacopters Detroit rock swillin’, potty mouthed ensemble that kick up quite a racket on their album, “The Quick And The Deaf”. It’s pretty def at any volume.

I thought that THE CANTS were from Detroit too being that their album was produced by Jim Diamond (not the Scottish JD). They knock out a nice Hoodoo Gurus-esque line in melodic punk which also owes a nod to 60’s garage but not in that authenticity over substance kinda way. Taking the Aussie accent into consideration when you say their name, you might arrive at a Pete’n’Dud appropriation of a very rude word indeed. Those scamps…

And what kinda name is THE ROYS? Especially when they’re not all called Roy? Well, it’s the moniker of a group with a sound that harks back to the cream of 70’s rock. Their EP contains 6 songs, the most immediate of these being “Till Next Time” which sounds like a collision between The Dictators and Big Star. In the gatefold of the cd booklet, they can be seen performing in front of a kid, a dog and an elephant. Now that’s crossover.

I guess I'd clocked THE COME ONS name but hadn't done anything about it. This, of course, was a slip up and of course, why would Sympathy have put out two records if they weren't at least worth checking out? Anyways, THE GHETTO YEARS is a collection of tracks assembled by In-Fidelity Records out yonder in Australia and it makes me wonder why their star hasn't ascended further by now. A sticker on the case suggests the contents sound "like Darlene Love quaffing Spanish brandy from a high-heeled sneaker" and tasty as that goes it's not entirely accurate. This punked-in, souled-out torch pop is way more fluid than that. Their sometimes tranquil fragility sits comfortably beside such monster grooves as "Complicated" (see the video on their website). This is sophisticated and savvy and it doesn't sound like anybody except themselves. Singer, Deanne Iovan, is also involved with fellow fine Motor City combo, THE SIRENS.
On Tuesday (8th February), BBC Radio Scotland will start a new series called Indie-Pendant Scotland about "the rise of independant labels" here in the auld country. Presented by Vic Galloway, it goes out at 11.30am but will be available on the station's "on-demand" facility.It will also be repeated on a Sunday Evening.
I need to clear something up. I have no contact with The Cramps. I've had no contact with them since they shut down the LOTC in August 1983 because the "tail was trying to wag the dog" or however it was put. Ergo, I can't put anybody in touch. I'm sorry if that's disappointing but that's the way it is. I still believe in them to an extent, especially now that Bill Bateman is involved but - I reiterate - I can't put anybody in contact with them. I believe that you can contact their agent/label/whatever via their website so I suggest you try those channels. I've just replied to the most recent request to be connected but won't address this matter again. Not outta rudeness, just because I'm tired of it.

I hold great store in loyalty and tend to be true to my school wherever possible. I've burned boats and done some daft, inane things in my time. Things way beyond having allegedly "wagged the dog" but sometimes mistakes are made in good faith via good old fashioned stupidity or because events dictate it. That said, life has to go on, y'ken... so please... hear this plea. It's the last one i'll make on the subject.