Friday, February 04, 2005

OK kids, don't say you weren't given due warning -

"....hold onta ya assflaps LOS FABULOUS COYOTE MEN are back on the au go go! 'n' this time the mighty bruiser is chantin' 'n' dancin! yep... 1st confirmed date is sat may 14th with southern culture on the skids at the cluny, newcastle(part of a 2 day garage blow out) with other "warm ups" in spain 'n' london the week's been 6 years since the last REAL coyotes show (destroyin' mooney suzuki in nyc)'n' the son of h.d. is revved 'n' ready baby!"
Folks are continually asking me about back issues but i don't got none. However, heres a copy of Issue 21 looking for a home on Ebay. Maybe you'd care to liberate it?