Thursday, February 03, 2005

Coupla things I’ve been thinking about that I’m gonna throw open to the floor…

First was the projected WHO WILL SAVE ROCK’N’ROLL exercise that I mentioned some time ago. While I appreciate those who were interested, it really wasn’t many and the state the ol’ finances are in of late - I can’t really afford to take a gamble. So the idea has kinda mutated into thinking that I might resurrect NBT as a newsletter to be mailed out in a physical form. Then I can send these binders out to those who “subscribe” as something of a receptacle for said newsletter which would build up into an archive (or wad of paper) depending on how you look at it. Does anyone indeed care? Or am I wasting my time even thinking about something like this? I have an urge to create something tactile. I want it to be of a DIY spirit that doesn’t look like it fell off the back end of a computer. As far as I know there’s no medication that exists to counter this. I have to consider the indifference though I guess.

The other question is – does an artist need to be affiliated to a label or should they just, jolly well release their own material? After all if you’re on a label and sell sod all then you’ve got someone to blame right? Sometimes that blame can be legitimate and sometimes… well… But if you release your own material then ostensibly you need to sell less to see some kinda return. Am I missing something here?

These two “questions” are somewhat intertwined and intersect at the point where I don’t think that anybody gives much of a fuck anymore. About anything. maybe they simply don't have the time? Maybe they do, but they’re just too worn down or drowning in crap that they can’t muster the energy? Maybe they’ve just grown out of giving a hoot? Give me a hand here, I’m trying to reason all of this out.

I know that the people who read this thing are not scenesters. Not fly by nights who flit from honey pot to Joe knows where. My experience is that you’re in it for the long haul and like me, couldn’t quit your habit supposing your ass depended on it. At least that’s what it says on “my telly”.

As we’ve hit February like a brick wall, I’m coming to terms with the fact that – no matter how I try to justify it – I can’t afford to hit up the DKT/MC5 show in London toward the end of the month. Life goes on however... and I wish this flu type thing that seems to be descending on me will either show itself or piss off back to whence it slid.