Monday, January 31, 2005

Rejoice Children, rejoice !. February and March 15 will be the first important dates of 2005. Not only will Leg's McNeil's long promised book 'The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry' finally see the light of day next month on that very day, but March 15 is the official release date of the Ramones''End Of The Century' DVD as well. Yes, 15 is your lucky number...
An early start this morning. Drop the car off for a "service". Obviously a euphamism for "shakedown" in that it always COSTS. I hate driving but that's another entchilada altogether, maybe I'll go into it one day. So, I head north with my parents to a wee place called Birnam which is about 12 miles from Pitlochry or thereabouts. Close to Dunkeld. It's an idyllic part of the world to have an outlet which agents the manufacture of cd's and if there was any justice at all, I'd be retired there by now. My old man's album will be foisted upon the world, March 1st or thereabouts and he has a lot of angles. More than I have these days that's for sure... There goes my last day of annual leave but I feel like I achieved something today. New holiday semester starts in March - bring it on!!
This link comes c/o S.J. Bink; some amazing videos of the Dolls, Ramones, Dead Boys and Runaways.