Sunday, January 30, 2005

P3 POPSTAD - THE NOMADS + THE TEENAGE IDOLS + JOHNOSSI at Debaser in Stockholm this coming Friday (4th February). Make that scene if you can.
"hey, just got back from the (Magic Christian) show... first off i was blown away to see people i work with at the show... "what are you doing here?" "we're here to see cyril jordan".
i didn't even know they were into him, and they said the same thing about me. before long cyril pops up to say hi and that blew their minds.

anyways... the guys did a great show. very relaxed. but in a good way. very very enjoyable. prairie prince was using one of the other bands drum kits (nice black diamond pearl set like ringo's)... and let me tell you i never heard him so good. for once i could hear the whole band. i now get why they like prairie so much. i don't know if he didn't feel comfortable on these drums or didn't want to break them or what. all i know is he was great. i told him so... (altho i think i may have offended him... "hey, i liked you on this drum set" - guess it was a backhanded compliment! i gotta be honest... the guy's a real nice cat but he deafens me sometimes. he can be overpowering. but tonight he was right there. i mean totally right on.

people told me they found paul's singing much better too. not forced. this is the point... the band was not at all forced. very together. i think this is what was missing prior to this show. cyril played great. i still wish he'd go back to using a pick, but he pulled off his solos really nicely, and with no delay from coming off
the rhythm.(not easy). they opened with "made my bed" and went on to others they've been doing... "right back where i started", the stones' "gotta get away". spoonful's "my gal"...bunch of beatles... "any time at all", "things we said today", and a killer version of "don't bother me" with a great rave up ending. they did "angel" for the first time. cool song. "she's so good" rocked better than ever.
cyril wore his wonder woman t-shirt and played his dan armstrong thru the pod and into the twin reverb. alec had his ric bass this time... paul shook maracas now and then. girls were dancing up front. not a huge crowd but they were totally rocking. looks like the guys are headed for europe soon. i think they're playing with wayne kramer. in the meantime they're in the studio working on the next album."

- don in frisco