Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Where to start? Nearly February already and the nights are fair drawin’ out already. It’s practically light when we’re driving home so that seems like a turn up for the books. Then I read Chris Stigliano’s bit on his Blog to Comm about Johnny Carson which was great. On top of that there’s a cd-rom from my Unca Duane with snippets from the recent Suicide show in NY. This serves to remind me that we didn’t even see all of Amy Rigby’s dvd yet, did have to dive straight into her “Dancing with Joey Ramone” opus though and somebody needs to be getting her to perform it at his Birthday party this May 19th. The big guy would have loved this song I’m sure and it’s so heartfelt. Gie’syer shivers an’ that. So yeah, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth and am somewhat ready to do battle with the demons that make me wish I could. Shootin’ the craw isn’t an option though I guess, at least not for now. On my desk calendar thing the other day it said “Plan out your Future (but do it in pencil)”. Aye, stick it intae me again whydontcha!!? But hey, we went over the 100,000 hits today. How 'bout them (silver)apples??