Saturday, January 22, 2005

Aye... not had much time for the old reporting this week because essentially other, more pressing matters have come to the fore. I won't bore you or whine incoherently, let's just say that my bahookie has been well and truly felt (not intending to be cryptic or owt) and that the matter(s) are being attended to. One of these is the need for extensive roof repairs which will leave one someone not too far away from here somewhat economically challenged for the next wee whiley. I know there are plenty out there who don't have a roof to stick it to them but unfortunately that doesn't make the broadside too muckle easier to stomach. I'm not exactly complaining, just telling yer why my e-mailing and posting ain't up to speed.

On a more entertaining footing, I just heard this programme on Radio Scotland about HAGGIS which you might get a kick outta on the run up to Burns Day on Tuesday. Click the link and select GRASSROOTS from the listing for all you'll ever need to know about our "national dish". This is your "Chieftain o' the Pudden race" signing aff. As opposed to off.