Sunday, January 16, 2005

It all adds up...

Just yesterday, after my pal Jos 'n me spend half the day at one of those big fleamarket type of events, I was spinning some Joan Jett 45s I picked up there, 'n was kinda amazed at how well they were produced; powerful and commercial, plus we're talkin' 80s here, so this is no mean feat. "Kenny Laguna" is what I told Alice after she shared my opinion on the production end (tho' she's sadly hardly ever impressed by my knowledge of names 'n facts in these cases). Anyways, I gave the guy's name a spin at Google, and boy, was I ever impressed with the results. Not only was he responsible for those great Joan Jett discs, but his credits also included the Barracudas' Summer Fun and Susan's Day by Dutch powerpop legends the Rousers. And Check the "bands played in" section: Tommy James and the Shondels, Music Explosion, 1910 Fruitgum Co., Ohio Express, Archies, Derek, Shadows of Knight, Kazenetz-Katz Orchestral Circus, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Darlene Love and The Blossoms. How's about that for a cool CV?. Read all about it (and more) here.
Ace Dutch punk combo the Sack-o'-Woes will be headin' over to the UK next week for a short tour, and your attendance is required. Dates are as follows:

Th 20-1: London (Stoke Newington), Ryan's Bar (with the Ulcers)
Fr 21-1: Leeds, Fenton Pub.
Sa 22-1: Liverpool, Heaven & Hell.
Su 23-1: Southhampton, Eagle Pub.

Please check local listings for exact times etc.
THE SAINTS are at King Tuts in Glasgow on March 3rd. They're also gonna be all over Europe so check their site for your nearest pummelling...
RESIST THE THINGS YOU CAN FIND EVERYWHERE... That's The OPTIMO motto and methinks it's a code to follow. While you're at it, check out this KILL THE DJ mix-thing!

I have to tell you folks that I haven't actually been there. It's on too late for Gran'paw here but these guys have been fighting for the right to educate the masses to a broad base of music forever now. I just found out (2 months late) that I missed Kid Congo and Khan again so have signed up to their newsletter. I suggest anybody who is headed for Glasgow at any point should do that too.

It might look like like a no frills slab of rockabilly but underneath that simple exterior beats a heart of pure, slap you about the kisser, hilbilly pride! I guess that's where the title comes from. Featuring such fine numbers as "You're Black, I'm Blue" and "Don't make Me Kick Your Ass This Christmas", Mack Stevens and The Red Light Boys have made themselves a modern day classic. If there can be such a beastie. There's a wee Willie Nelson-esque warble to this guys holler and the subject matter isn't for the faint of heart or spirit. Not for fearties or bleeding hearts then. Available for now on On The Hill Records of Japan but ripe for a release in France, contact the man himself for availability.