Saturday, January 15, 2005

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Handsome Dick Manitoba will join the DKT/MC5 tour of Europe from Feb. 18 through March 5. Also appearing with the group will be guitarist Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N' Roses) and singer Lisa Kekaula (BellRays). Following are the dates of the tour so far (subject to change :

February 2005

18 Lisbon, Portugal
19 Barcelona, Spain ..... Razzmatazz 3
20 Madrid, Spain ..... Sala Arena
21 Bordeaux, France ..... 4 Sans
22 Brest, France ..... Vauban
23 Lille, France ..... Aeronef
24 Brussels, Belgium ..... Ancienne Belgique
25 London, U.K. ..... Royal Festival Hall
27 Turin, Italy ..... Hiroshima
28 Treviso, Italy ..... New Age

March 2005

01 Zagreb, Croatia
02 Belgrade, Serbia
04 Athens, Greece ..... Gargarin 205
05 Salonica, Greece ..... Mylos
Onetime Raunch Hand and erstwhile Devil Dog (not to mention his brief tenure as an A-Bone), Mike Mariconda is back with THE STEPBROTHERS. Take equal parts anglo-verging on pub rock, a quasi-glam streak and a whole quart of soul and you're getting a beat on what "Baby It's Over" entails. The opener ("Very Last Time") recalls Status Quo's "Caroline" and folks outside of the UK may well wonder why that would matter. Well that group is something of an institution here and that might cloud the issue in some would-be hipsters books. I saw the Quo in their heyday many times and am not ashamed to admit a softspot for their daft boogie antics. Supreme drinking music, The 'brothers shimmy in no uncertain fashion with a "Faces"-type abandon. I can't recall exactly, but I think it's "Baby It's Over" that sounds like Stevie Winwood dishing up J'taime in a Booker T stylee. (I don't have the record to hand as I type...) Rod Stewart should make a record with these guys instead of trotting out those lame "standards". It'd make ol' John Peel smile, I'm sure. They've dragged that 60's beat frenzy bang into the 21st century, losing zip in the ramshackle translation.

A fine debut then, which lives up to the promise of their cut on Shakin' In My Boots (also on Licorice Tree). If you've seen 'em live, let me know if they're as smokin' as this suggests they be. Nice silk screened cover insert too fellas...

Well, I divnae ken much about art but I know what I like, and Ms Samaras delivers the goods every time... check this...

"You have clamored (well somebody must've clamored!), and Copro Nason Gallery has listened -- for the first time ever one of my paintings is available as a fine art print.

I just finished signing a short stack of gorgeous full color Giclee prints of "The Lily". The paper (Arches archival) size is 20 1/2 x 17 inches, image is 17 1/2 x 14 and they're only going to be $100 (plus S&H). The color reproduction and level of detail is *excellent* -- I'm pleased as punch with these things.

The edition is *very* small, only 30, so if you're interested I would suggest contacting Gary at Copro Nason as soon as possible.

Gary Pressman
Copro Nason Gallery

Rock on with yer bad selves, Isabel"

Some entertaining clips here for ya, all kindsa musics... courtesy of PUNKCAST.