Sunday, January 09, 2005

Cult! Wild Japan (the follow-up to last years Cult! festival) is a nationwide festival of classic Japanese cult films which will be touring UK cinemas this spring. The festival launches at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh on the weekend of Friday 4th-6th February 2005.

6 ultra-rare 35mm have been imported direct from Tokyo for the event, which also includes 6 UK cinema premieres. This is a one-off opportunity to catch the films that influenced Tarantino, Miike and Woo.

The Wild Japan films are :

Onibaba - Classic Japanese cult horror. Angry, excessive and hynoptic.

Street Mobster - Hyper-kinetic gangster classic from the director of 'Battle Royale'.

Woman With Red Hair - Gritty 'pink film' erotic masterpiece.

Wild Midnight Movie Double Bill -
Shogun Assassin - The ultimate Japanese cult samurai movie. An uncut, rare screening on 35mm.
School Of The Holy Beast - One of the most beautiful nunsploitation films ever made. An insane, demented masterpiece.

Sword Of Doom - Dark, thrilling, bleak samurai masterpiece with stunning fight sequences.

Female Prisoner 701 - The biggest influence on Tarantino's 'Kill Bill'. A lean, taut, brutal exploitation epic.

Pale Flower - Exquisite, existential gangster film masterpiece. A lost classic.

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One chance to taste the madness!....

Found out about this Morning 40 Federation combo whilst rooting aboot The Star Spangles site this morning. Go to the music and download "Stinky". Sounds like The Pirhanas on Morphine... a stone(d) groove!

Also Mr Percival points we in the direction of the UK based Ramones Movie website which includes places you can catch it.