Monday, December 27, 2004

Here's something pretty groovy you folks might like to while away yr time with... (thanks for the tip Marty).

The tumbling tumbleweeds are blowing through blogland. There are other fish to fry at the moment but I managed to finish the Suicide book. I think it's pretty good in the main if a tad padded out with peripherals. It's pretty obvious that their influence is everywhere these days and like I said before I'm not down with some of the "scenesters" that've been dragged out as celebrity skin. It could do with more of those who were there at ground zero. It could also do with more photos and posters and the like. I remember back in the days of Simple Minds first rumblings that Jim Kerr was obsessed with Suicide and wore a Red Star badge all the time. Evidence can be found on the sleeve of their first album, Life In A Day. No Compromise might fit the band it covers but there may have been a few of those on the way to publishing. The fact that there is a Suicide book is perhaps enough. I hope that somebody has the chops to publish Joe Bonomo's Fleshtones tome in 2005.