Saturday, December 25, 2004

Well here we are. Another Christmas Day and the hatches of the bunker are well and truly batoned down and I expect it to be like I'm the only person here on earth for at least another hour. Coffee and donuts are calling and I'm gonna get to that before I start to type up the "tune info" for my dad's cd album that he made over the course of this past year. It's been quite a project and with the aid of the great Davie Scott, it's turned out pretty good for pipe music. I used to have quite the aversion to the sound of the pipes. Probably because I was dragged to Pipe Band competitions until I was old or savvy enough to opt out. My plan to have him do "Dream Baby Dream" never quite manifested itself but that's another angle for another day. I also have a some great new sonic action to provide the soundtrack to the graft, two tasty comps from Siegfried "Kalle" Kalus and the incredible Vamp Babes by Messer Chups from out there in Moscow where it's probably way colder than it is here right now.

Looking outta the bunker periscope, theres a slight smattering of the white stuff so we're having a (kinda) white christmas. I have no plans to investigate it further than that. There are blizzards just a wee bit up the road but the oil refinery here provides us with a warm glow that keeps the elements at bay (sometimes). To the kettle then... I hope y'all make it outta the other side of today relatively intacto.