Monday, December 20, 2004

Interested in downloading a recent concert recording by the Fleshtones for free? has an 18 song live album recorded by the 'tones back in the summer as part of Little Steven's Battle of the Bands in Chicago. The files are in the MP3 format and the track listing runs something like this:

House of Rock; Right on Woman; Do You Swing?; Destination Greenpoint, USA; 10 Dollars More; Ready For the Mountain; Double Dipper; The Dreg; I Want More; I Wanna Feel Something Now; Hard Lovin' Man; Tearing Me Apart; Girl From Baltimore; Love Machine; Burnin' Hell; My Kind of Lovin' / The Crossroads; Alright.

eMusic is a subscription site although there is currently a special offer of 50 free tracks in return for registering your details with them. Please note that you will need to download the eMusic Download Manager (1.3Mb) in order to save the tracks to your PC/Mac.

Are you ready to swing? If so, then head for: