Sunday, December 19, 2004

2004: You asked for it...

1.Reigning Sound - Too Much Guitar
2.Boonaraaas - Go Get Goo Goo
3.Ghetto Ways - Ghetto Ways
4.Blues Explosion - Damage
5.22-20's - 22-20's
6.Sirens - Sirens
7.Hives - Tyranosaurus Hives
8.Solution - Communicate!
9.The Girls - The Girls
10.Sack-O'-Woes - Sack-O'-Woes

1. v/a - Super Funk 4
2.Reverend Charlie Jackson - God's Got It
3.v/a - Fort Worth Teen Scene 1-3

MC 5/DTK - Amsterdam
Fleshtones/Metal Urbain - Lille
Nomads/Barracudas/Roy Loney - Paris
Reigning Sound - Utrecht
Been reading the Suicide book which finally arrived. It's pretty good but the Bobby Gillespie quote on the front is typical of his nebby persona. I have never rated Primal Scream but accept that they can "stage manage" an amalgam of the greatest groups which ever existed without going out as an abject "covers" band. Boners tuppence worth is on the book jacket too and doesn't anybody (particularly publishers) get that people don't seem to pick stuff up on the back of recommendations of other folks in groups anymore. If they did then The Reigning Sound would rule the world right now then we really could have a Merry Christmas (right, Joss?). Anyways, Mr Stigliano's view of NO COMPROMISE is available for you in the BTC suite so go check that out. I'll get back to you when I've digested the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Murray R has dug up some stuff that you might like to check out... first the unearthing of yet more STOOGES recorded dirt on Easy Action Records.

A Ramone-related interview with Ricky Bacchus

... and finally, Murray's combo SHOCK and AWE (which could be translated also into Shock an'a' depending on your Scots dialect) is playing in Edinburgh soon and there are also some mp3's for you to check out. Murray is currently recovering from seeing The Rezillos in Edinburgh last night. Gran'paw didn't go because he was washing what's left of his hair...

Actually that's not true. The last time I saw them was at the dreaded Garage in Glasgow and the show, well let's just say it wasn't terrific. Too many new songs with Fay dominating the whole thing. Thankfully they appear to be back on form so we missed out this time. Them is the breaks...