Friday, December 17, 2004

The anticipation of the new Stereo Total album comin' out to save the planet is almost too much but the French Fan Site has the skinny for y'all... it also mentions that Brezel has a solo thing going on in...

"PARIS : Stereo Total spend december in Paris. Brezel takes some french course, while Francoise goes shopping. Both of them will be at l'Ile Enchantée, december 23, for a free Brezel solo performance. The address : 65 Bd de La Villette, 75010 Paris. Metro station : Colonel Fabien. Achtung, 21h sharp! You can see the flyer I did on the right, with the Alexanderplatz on a DDR red background. Mister Goering should also has a new solo vinyl coming soon."

Wish we could go...
As the season of faux goodwill really gets to kicking in, I'm sitting here listening to The Bitch Boys cds that arrived today. More about those when they're properly digested. This Slovenian Surf action is just what the doc ordered as a remedy to the piped crap that soiled my lug'oles earlier this afternoon. Yep, The "Best" Christmas Album Of All Eternity was doing heavy rotation in the few stores I dragged myself into. I had a dentists appoinment but the real suffering came in the shape of them terrible tunes that get dusted off each October to December 25th that the scumhordes like to provide the sorry soundtrack to their Nobby Williams infested lives. It powers their pathetic feeding frenzy like an eight pack of Duracells. I know it shouldn't bother me but it does. Why is anybody surprised that internet shopping is up 100% or whatever? Because there's f-all in the shops. Or at least most of them. And who wouldn't rather have their gear delivered to their home as opposed to trudging around a bunch off ill-stocked, impulse buyer traps. Anyways, those BB waves are lapping over me and all is relatively right with what passes for the world. My short dabble in the madness wasn't pretty and the manoeuvres probably aren't over so I imagine there'll be some bobbing and weaving going on over the weekend. Some kicking and screaming and dragging too but we'll see.

Yours aye,

Seasons Greetin' Face, the original Bah Humbugger