Sunday, December 12, 2004

OK, time to explain my absence on this here NBT blog.; been working on a thing I named the DUTCH PUNK AND NEW WAVE 45s DISCOGRAPHY 1975-1979. Go take a look if you're inclined to such matters, any additional info and/or scans are really appreciated!.
The latest news from Brooklyn is that the Master Plan are currently laying down songs for their next LP in a studio in Williamsburg. Once the basic tracks are done then overdubs will be recorded at Andy Shernoff's apartment. This disc will be a very homemade affair but expect the usual high quality songwriting and a positive attitude. The licensing details are still to be finalised.

The Fleshtones are slated to go into Rick Miller’s studio from January 11th to the 16th. Keith Streng indicates that the idea is to do half of the record with Rick and then do the other half in Detroit with Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recordings. The band start with Jim on March 31st and finish on April 4th. This is once again for Yep Roc Records and the potential release date is set for the end of August '05.
The Crypt Kicker 5 are a punked-up Garage skiffle ensemble from Stockholm that include Joachim Nomad amongst their number. They have a fine cd single not exactly commercially available entitled Redeemer which you privileged folks can maybe get your mitts on via the aforementioned gent. Contact him via The Nomads site (which as you know is on the sidebar there) and expect a quasi-gospel fervour to their sweary rattle and hum that I think y'all would dig.