Saturday, December 04, 2004

RIP: Willem Duyn. Besides bein' responsible for some of the worst music imaginable, Duyn was also leadsinger in the final line-up of the Jay-Jays.
One of the few positive aspects of this past week was to hear from BEN WEASEL. As you know (or maybe don't), Screeching Weasel was a very special beastie indeed which I came to late in their existence. Always way more than just Ramonealongapunk as some lazy bastards with cloth ears might have you believe, their body of work is unreservedly recommended. As is that of The Riverdales, who I found out had a third album out that I never knew about. Check into Weasel Manor and have a ferret aboot. (I couldnae resist that... a wee bit of uncharacteristic levity)

What a combination - a great band in one of the finest bars on earth!

"C'mon - misbehave with Miss Beehives!

I'm pleased to inform that your favourite hair-high ladies' orchestra will be turning five on December 11th. Celebration will run amok in the basement at Garlic & Shots, Stockholm from 9pm. If you can't be there in body - make sure you attend in spirits and raise your glass to us... xxx"

Those VOLADORAS lassies have completed work on their full length debut and it's a stoatir. More about that down the road apiece though...
Flyin' Brian requests it be known that "Newcastles very own('n' unwanted) kings of BUZZPUNKPOWERPOPROCKACTIONDELUXE, THE ILLEGAL MOVERS head out to their home from home in Spain for a lost weekend...

9th December: Madrid - Sala Juglar w/ los suckin' dicks

10th Decemmber: Madrid - Sala Custom w/ los chicos/lascivos (party for r'n'r photo site )

11th December: Valencia - Sala Mogambo

12th December: Ulldecona - La Ermita

Fresh swag in the new year will include a split 45 with The Real Losers on Ken Rock(both bands crankin out a home baked toon 'n' a cover of The Zeros "Beat Your Heart Out), a new album (inc. a cover of the 'tators Loyola) 'n' a usa jaunt."