Friday, December 03, 2004

This month's releases from Ace Records.

Hey Brethren,

Well, yer ever-lovin' 'Reducer Tag Team survived a mammoth run of 11 DJ dates during November, despite the combined power of Rachel Nagy's left hook, the world's largest breweries and the vagaries of the British Rail timetable ... Consequently, we're pleased as punch-drunk to reveal that the Sonic Reducer crew have got the festive season sorted for all'a yer drinkin', dancin', and falling-over needs ...

Saturday December 11th will see a special guest DJ (whose fave festive record is Clarence Carter's Back Door Santa) take a turn on the wheels of polycarbonate, while our good pal Andy 'the Perry' Perry makes a hasty return to the fray on the 17th, to help celebrate Joss's birthday (the old scrote).

Dinnae forgit, we're now spinning them platters until 1.30am, and our last sesh was packed-aht, so get there 'Liz Hurley' in the evening, if you want enuff room to let yer backbone REALLY slip.

Much respect to y'all, and be sure to have a ball, cos if you can remember Christmas afterwards, you weren't giving it yer all!

Be good to yer peoples! And raise a glass (or three) for those who have gone...


Joss & Joe