Thursday, December 02, 2004

The latest edition of the online trakMARX magazine features (ao) Crime, Kris Needs, Billy Childish, Wreckless Eric, Jowe Head, plus a 56 page history of the Damned in PDF format.
Mr Tony Thewlis just contacted me to intimate that KEVIN COYNE passed away last night. No other info at present. Our thoughts are with Rob and Eugene and also their other family members.

However, it looks like circumstances will prevail that we'll be exactly no place. Not even attending The Radio Sweethearts re-grouping at Lauries in Glasgow tha' nicht. Apologies for the lack of posting and general correspondence right about now. Circumstances are prevailing which are somewhat outta my control but as always this'll wane - hopefully sooner rather than yon other option.
However, if I was in Madrid tonight - I'd be here...

Tonight (Dee-zember 2nd) in NYC at Otto's Shrunken Heid...

If I was there... I'd be there.