Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Master Plan, featuring Andy Shernoff (Dictators), Keith Streng & Bill Milhizer (Fleshtones) and Paul Johnson (Waxing Poetics) return to action in early December with Canadian strategy meetings scheduled for December 2; The Horseshoe, Toronto, December 3; The Corktown, Hamilton, December 4; Call the Office, London.
It's an easy target of course, but I thought this rant on the Makers was pretty funny; Letters Have No Arms: Early Stuff My Ass.
On last nights showing at King Tuts in Glasgow those Detroit Cobras did little to rise above being a bar band with an eye for superior covers. Dunno what was wrong but it seemed like Rachel Nagy couldn't really be arsed. It just never ignited, y'know. I mean they're "good", but maybe our expectations, in this event, were too high. The Sonic Reducer Tag Team set the mood nicely like a two headed Andy Dunkley and the woeful opening act tried their damndest to tear that down. The SRTT was the reigning sound though for sure. Hopefully it was just an off night for The Cobras then...