Monday, November 15, 2004

It's that time of the year again; people want "best of" lists... From the top of my head, 2004 has seen some fine wax by the Boonaraaas, Reigning Sound, Ghetto Ways, Blues Explosion, Hives, Solution etc. but I could sure use some suggestions from your end to fill out this shortlist. Just leave your faves in the comments section...

Big Star by Rob Jovanovic (Fourth Estate).
When previously mentioned Joss already gave this one the thumbs up in the comments, and after finishing it earlier today I can do naught but agree. Big Star's tale spelled out in book format is way overdue, and even tho' Jovanovic ain't the kind of writer who makes you pull records from the shelves thanks to his contagious enthusiasm, the facts are here and he doesn't shoehorn himself into the story. Minor complaints concern the discography, which looks lifted, warts 'n all, from Crawdaddy Simon's Chilton pages (compare tracklisting for the Ork EP for evidence) and sadly lacks a complete list of LX's production work (Cramps, Panther Burns, Gories etc). But besides that I can't find a reason why any selfrespecting NBT reader would not dig this.