Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cool recent interview with Crime's Johnny Strike.
I had no idea, but it seems that Terry Ork has recently joined the big-boss-a-go-go party in the sky. Just take a look at the small but perfect stack o' wax the guy put out; Little Johnny Jewel, Blank Generation, Free Again, The Way You Touch My Hand. No way am I gonna go to sleep tonight before havin' spun 'em in tribute. RIP Terry.

Ork Records discography

Non record geeks can skip this post, but I hope there's somebody out there among the rest of you who is able to fill in the blank in the below discography or has any extra data/info on this label. No reason in particular, just that I enjoy putting this kinda stuff together even if it means another round of laughs from people who pretend to actually have a life. And yeah, the fruits of Terry Ork's short-lived enterprise would make a great CD comp, anybody out there willing and able to burn the complete set for me in exchange for eternal gratitude?.

ORK 81975 Television - Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2.
ORK 81976 Richard Hell - Another World/You Gotta Lose, Blank Generation
ORK 81977 Marbles - Red Light/Fire And Smoke
ORK 81978 Alex Chilton - The Singer Not The Song EP
ORK 81979 Prix - Girl, Everytime I Close My Eyes/Zero
ORK 81980 Mick Farren - Play With Fire/Lost Johnny
ORK 81981 Link Cromwell - Crazy Like A Fox/Shock Me
ORK 81982 Chris Stamey - Summer Sun/Where The Fun Is
ORK 81983
ORK 81984 Feelies - Fa Ce'La/Big Plans (unreleased)
ORK 81985 Blue Vein - Get off My Cloud/Connection (unreleased)

ORK NYC 1 Television - Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2/Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2 (live) 12"
ORK NYC 2 Idols - You/Girl That I Love
ORK NYC 3 Revelons - The Way You Touch My Hand/96 Tears
ORK NYC 5 Cheetah Chrome - Still Wannna Die/Take Me Home
ORK NYC 5 Student Teachers - Christmas Weather/Channel 13

Notes: #76 also released in the UK on Stiff, #78 re-issued in Spain by Munster and was produced by Andy Shernoff's pal Jon Tiven who was also involved in #79, #80 has Marky Ramone (nee Bell) on drums, #81 re-issued by Norton (Link Cromwell is in fact Lenny Kaye doin' a Sonny Bono kinda thing back in the 60s), #82 produced by Alex Chilton...
Update: 84 was never released. Added NYC 5 which adds the quest for NYC 4. With thanks to those who have responded so far.
2nd Update: The above list is pretty much final. Please check the comments for additional info. Thanks to all of you who came up with data and facts, I really, realy apreciate it!.
Straight outta Blackpool.

Punk Rock and ultra-leaded noise petroleum to keep your gas guzzlin' eye on the dial. JSNTGM stands for Just Say No To Government Music and feels like one of those labels that operates in Eastern Europe. The split SICK 56/HIGGINS++ 45 is etched on plate thick vinyl which could be classed as a weapon in the wrong hands. The music is 77 style and the H++ fellas update Jello's CA paen to be Cool Brittania.

Z/28 hail from Edinburgh. I've seen 'em a couple of times over the many years they've been together and they're great live. Snarling NPH type barnstorming fused with a surf sensibility that sounds a little thin on cd but there's no way i could play this as loud as it really should be played. Not without removing the roughcast. Girl on the cover looks a little like Drea De Matteo. Havin' a lollipop before she goe's lookin' for Silvio and Christofah. Sure you've heard it all before but it's fun and it was brewed in a city not known for producing much in the way of rock'n'roll over the years. A castle they can do but...
ODB died before he got very old at all...
It was thirty years ago today...