Friday, November 12, 2004

Ok so the catch up begins with the recent GET HIP crop... let's get straight to it.

THE BAMBOO KIDS self titled eleven songer plus video reinforces my problem with the three-piece. For me, such beasties always seem to lack something. There are exceptions of course but in the main I find 'em clunky. There's nothing about this album that raises it above bog standard. It might make sense live but on the strength of this, I wouldn't be taking any chances.

THE PRIESTS "TALL TALES" fares a little better but some early Doors-isms flim flam my radar. The singer reminds me of Stiv but there's no sign of a Cheetah to foil it if you knowworimean? It's all a little faux psychedelic and I'd say these clergy need a little more ecumenical schooling in the individuality department. Younger, less jaded types might be able to get past the more obvious comparisons then. Old grumpy heard it all here needs more to get his sonic jollies.

SLEEPYKID's "MONDAY MORNING SMILE" continues a triumvirate of releases that fall a little short of any kind of excitement. It's more yer powerpop. Kinda like Big Star but played by The posies instead of the originals. The Lennonesque vocal recalls O*sis and this is not a positive. What is with wanting to make it sound so damned anglo? Don't we foist enough of that shit from here as it is?? What happened to that old US spirit of being able to turn the tables on this lily-livered pish? The result is a constricted rehash of music I never cared for in the first place.

All is not lost though... THE SIRENS eponymous debut has already been flagged up by J but I just wanted to add my two thumbs up to his recommendation. Compared to all of those previous guys they sound as bright as the proverbial button and blast away the cobwebs with a sizeable stackheeled boot on the monitor to bolster effect. They muster a big eff-off clout of a sound, unfeasibly nostalgic and a breath of fresh gasoline at the same time. These lassies do for glam what The Detroit Cobras do for revved up soul and original form R&B. And? They're from bloody Detroit.

As are THE PAYBACKS whose "HARDER AND HARDER" is more contemporary Motor City rock. They're not harking back to anything in particular just belting out a muscular riff-totin' torrent of guitarslingin'. This brew be percolated to maximum strength and "When I'm Gone" is a wake up call to "Smells Like" Grungesters that Wendy Case can outkurt Cobain any ol' day. A smoker!!
The Master Plan, the ace RnR tag-team trained by Paul Johnson that includes members of the Fleshtones and the Dictators, return to the ring over the next month with all-action bouts in New York and Canada. For details of the venues, along with reviews of their debut season, check out their page on the Total Energy website. An unconfirmed report indicates that "the boys" have recently returned from a secret training location and intend to present their foes with further cause for concern. Our mole reveals that each new move has been meticulously planned and stren(g)uously rehearsed but all remain within the spirit of the sport. The "Human Pyramid" should not be banned!
This weekend I'm gonna try to get to grips with some of the listening I haven't been able to undertake for various reasons. Mostly that I get up at 5.30am, have a half hour on the computer then go to work. I realise this routine is nuts but I'm kinda stuck with it for now. As a result, I'm usually pegged out by about 9pm but I need to get this sorted or I really will end up looking like Crazy Guggenheim.

At this point, a big shout out to Ms Teresa Ott who will be celebrating a half century on the planet this weekend with her homies. Awrabest Missus!!