Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Nomads will play the Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao (Sp) on the 27th.
Vinyl Carvers - the answer to yer 45rpm prayers, kids!

Hey folks

You may remember my recent, rather too excitable blather about Vinyl Carvers, a company based in North London which will cut you one-off, large centre hole, 45rpm singles for £15 a shot ... Weeell, after living with a trio of these marvels for a week, I can confirm that they're the answer to every vinyl head's dreams ... I sent the good folks at Vinyl Carvers a CD with six tracks on - a mix of real rare '60s garage & beat 45s, unreleased soul stuff, and a coupla modern tracks which nivver made it to vinyl - and a few days later, the 45s arrived in the mail ... WOW!

Vinyl Carvers' jukebox 45s are 2mm thick, glossy black slabs o'wax with plain labels, they sound AWESOME, and last as long as regular 45s, unlike the acetate dubplates of yore ... The sound is bright, full, and more dynamic than the CDs which the tracks were burnt off ... I can now spin kool CD-only cuts like You Am I's Rumble and Ruby Johnson's I'd Rather Fight Than Switch off'a vinyl - wahey! Jeez, Louise, I had two rare as shit Memphis garage tunes - which I'd recently been quoted prices of $500 and $130 for the originals of - cut as a jukebox 45, at the cost of £15! Now, THAT'S great value! And extra copies of any 45 you have cut are only £10 ... Vinyl Carvers take PayPal, and you can even email them high quality audio files to cut from ... How's about THEM apples?

So do yerselves a favour, and visit VINYLCARVERS today! Tina and Werner will do you rite!


Joss Hutton, Sonic Reducer