Monday, November 08, 2004

According to “the paperwork”, yours truly is set to retire in 2022. The spate of untimely exits recently has got me thinking that one might not (feasibly) make it to that. And, would that necessarily be a bad thing? It’s true that when you’re in the thick of something then it’s difficult to see the wood for the bloody big trees. This can manifest itself as someone you expect to be around forever "shooting the craw". Somebody who has been part of your life practically daily or at the very least has positively enhanced your existence when you do have contact.

Things can happen. Stuff outwith any modicum of control. Anything. Often stupid things, but then again those are the things that fester most. Of couse there's always the other side. What about privacy, what about giving people space to function? It's a difficult one and like Larry (David) says? What exactly is the cut off point for calling people at home?? Anyways, I digress - as someone of my late years is prone to do. These thoughts of mortality have got me to thinking that I’d like to be in touch with people more. Where the time is gonna come from to take care of this desire is another thing entirely but the spirit is most definitely willing.

Maybe it’s something to do with being another year older but I’m definitely dwelling on the fact that I’m running outta time and it’s not entirely pleasant. Bridges require building or in some quarters, at the very least some maintenance - and I’m not sure where to start. Help me out, I’m repenting in relative leisure here.

Have you been in any Virgin or HMV stores recently? Whoa Nelly! That awful bumming “in-store” V radio station blasting out intolerable shite and in HMV, the same but I’m not sure it’s a “radio” format. I’m too old and it was definitely too loud. If you’re going to a record store, go to one where the staff pick the music. At least then it has a human edge. Anyway, I wanted to score some Sopranos on DVD but even in the sale they were too expensive. You can get them £15 a piece cheaper on Amazon, that’s all I’m saying. Plus you don’t have to deal with the scumhordes.

During yesterday’s schlepp to Edinburgh, we saw the movie BAD SANTA. Haven’t seen many films this year but figured that it was there and so were there, so... It doesn’t live up to its press (what does? – apart from here of course - ha flippin' ha) but it’s a reasonable enough diversion. Billy Bob Thornton’s Santa isn’t so much obnoxious as a whiner but there is some superlative cussing and politically incorrect dialogue. Tony Cox steals the whole show and I guess it was John Ritter’s last hurrah before he shuffled offa this mortal coil. Which I guess brings us neatly to where we began with all this.

To end on a slightly upbeat note, there’s a cool Christmas song by a band called Bunnygrunt in the closing credits also. I love a good Christmas tune but I’m not keen on the season to be jolly. Hoo ‘boot yersel’?