Sunday, November 07, 2004

So, I know what you're thinking. Does the Suzy Y Los Quattro album live up to expectations? After all these were big-ass hopes and y'know what happens when you have a bunch of those in tow?? Well fear not, because the actual short but sweet 11 song disc will pound it's way into the hardest punk (poppin' rock'n'roll) heart within seconds of hitting that cd tray (or turntable). This Eurovisionary combo have all the chops down and the promise of those early singles have been more than realised. Kicking off with "Lipstick To Japan", it's hard not to smirk your face off. The world can certainly use a group like this right about now. Of course it's not ground-breaking or pushing back the frontiers of music but it sure is a blast and will ease the weight of your existence wherever you choose to hammer it out. It'll blow a shot of summer through these cold dark winter days and nights and you'll be fully conversant with it by the time the days start drawing out. I wish Joey had been around to sing backup on "Hey Lil Sister" but it sounds like he's in there somewhere anyway and the finale "Did You Ever" has some fine rasping sax ripping through it like Andy Mackay added to those Mott The Hoople 45's. Nothing else for it 'cept to hit replay. Get it direct from No Tomorrow or Soundflat or wherever groovy records be sold.

Look out also, for a Japanese compilation of all their singles and rogue tracks including a cover of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It". These kids have taste and y'know what, I think they could well take it... straight to the bridge!!