Friday, November 05, 2004

From Ace Records: "THE SONICS ARE COMING! Back in the mid-1960s, the legendary Sonics took rock'n'roll by the scruff of the neck and thrashed it to within an inch of its life, leaving a legacy of some of the most savage, visceral recordings ever made. Now, in 2004, the Sonics’ version of the Richard Berry classic: ‘Have Love Will Travel’, will return to the spotlight as the soundtrack to the fabulous new Land Rover Discovery TV advert (currently being shown on a terrestrial and satellite channel near you). Ace will be releasing the track c/w ‘Psycho’ as a CD single – available to buy from the 29th November. We’re on a mission to knock some excitement back into the UK music charts and to secure the 1000th Number One slot, so please buy in bulk!".
Can anyone tell me what fucking use to the world that fireworks are? Outside of the context of a KISS concert of course. It's pissing rain here and it sounds a bit like Bagdhad did on the telly when Dubya went in mob handed. No doubt there are troops of drongos out there watching them but not we. If the purpose of these bloody squibs is to frighten animals and old people then I guess it's a big success. Me? I'd ban the bloody things outright, everyplace and use the money for a worthier cause. If I was blasting my Boonaraaas records at this volume the polis would come and huckle me. Guy Fawkes? Guys Feck off more like!
Joss reports an increase in Sonic Reducer activity during November...


Hey folks

Hope you had a swingin' Halloween, although with Bush gettin' back in, it'll soon be Oct 31st all year round ... Up yer nuts, Dubya!

The Sonic Reducer crew are gonna be real busy during November, not least as tour support to our friends The Detroit Cobras, at the behest of Rachel & co. and Rough Trade boss Geoff Travis! We're also slated to spin a whole mess of righteous sounds at gigs by Memphis's own American Death Ray, London-based hepcats The Bad Breed and the latest line-up of Kim Salmon & The Scientists, plus paying rock'n'roll respect at the UK debut of The Bonniwell Music Machine!

As for our own Sonic Reducer soirees, we've snagged a coupla red hot guest DJs for ya during November:

November 12th - Nick Brown, of Intoxica! Records and London's hippest R&B'n'dominoes evening, The Stag-O-Lee Preservation Society & Drinking Club, plus he's The Tindersticks' favoured tour DJ, a former Membranes mentalist, and an all-round musical mensch!

November 26th - Andy Perry, of the Intensive Care club, and scribbler for The Telegraph and a host of other glossies ... Truly, a music journo you can trust - and there ain't many, Benny!

We've got some VERY special guest DJs for December, so stay tuned for details (ho, ho ,ho) ...

As Prof. Stanley Unwin woulda advised, "Stay cool, won't you?"

Joss & Joe


Sonic Reducer Diary - November:

* Nov 5th
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support American Death Ray @ The Dirty Water Club, N19

* Nov 12th - Sonic Reducer, with guest Nick Brown @ The Boogaloo, N6

* Nov 13th
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support The Bad Breed @ Flip Your Wig, The Plough Inn, E17

* Nov 15th
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support Kim Salmon & The Scientists @ The Dirty Water Club

* Nov 16th
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support Bonniwell Music Machine @ Islington Academy

* Nov 21st
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support The Detroit Cobras @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

* Nov 22nd
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support The Detroit Cobras @ Roadhouse, Manchester

* Nov 23rd
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support The Detroit Cobras @ King Tut's, Glasgow

* Nov 24th
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support The Detroit Cobras @ Cockpit, Leeds

* Nov 25th
Sonic Reducer Tag Team support The Detroit Cobras @ Electric Ballroom, Camden Town

* Nov 26th - Sonic Reducer, with guest Andy Perry @ The Boogaloo, London N6